Renoir Plaza de España

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Renoir Plaza de España

The flagship of the enterprising Renoir chain, with screens on the small side and a haphazard queuing system in the cramped foyer, although good sound systems and a keen crowd of film fans ensure enjoyable viewing. The Cuatro Caminos branch is also worth a mention for its larger screens, decent bar and intelligent balance of Spanish and world cinema, while the Princesa also has an eclectic mix of Spanish, European and independent American cinema.

Venue name: Renoir Plaza de España
Address: Martín de los Heros 12
Transport: Plaza de España (M: L3, L10)
Price: Mon (except public holidays) €6; Tue-Thu (except public holidays) 1st and 4th sessions €6; Tue-Thu (except public holidays) 2nd and 3rd sessions €7.50; Fri-Sun and public holidays 1sr session €8.50; Fri-Sat other sessions €9; Sun and last session €8.50; Sun other sessions €9; youth card holders Tue-Fri (except public holidays) €6; students and over 65s Fri (except public holidays) 1st session €6
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