The best new movies on Netflix in July 2014

You’ll be able to stream more than 30 new movies on Netflix this month. Here are our Film editor’s top picks for the best movies to watch starting in July.



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Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct

Sweet weeping cheese, it’s hot out there. Too hot for travel, too hot for waiting in line, too hot for Shakira, too hot for anything except pressing that handy button on your remote that says NETFLIX. The popular streaming service has just released the list of movies and TV shows that will be available during the month of July, and there’s plenty there to keep you justified in sitting on the couch with your AC unit set to “ice age.” Time Out New York Film editor Joshua Rothkopf recommends the following titles:

12 Angry Men (1957): Pound for pound, director Sidney Lumet still has the finest filmography of all the New York giants (sorry, Marty), and to think he began his features career with this brilliant character study—set in a single jurors' room over the course of a long summer's day—is to blanch at the man’s gifts.

Bad Santa (2003): Billy Bob Thornton's utterly inappropriate portrayal of a booze-soaked Saint Nick is welcome during any season.

Basic Instinct (1992): There's guilty pleasure in returning to the high-sheen sex thrillers of the late ’80s and early ’90s. Directed by perv king Paul Verhoeven, this tawdry Sharon Stone blockbuster (crotch shot and all) sits astride the heap.

Gandhi (1982): At this point, it’s a trivia answer (Ben Kingsley, ding). But return to the prestige picture and be moved by the dignity it brings to an essential, inspiring life story.

Patton (1970): Richard Nixon’s favorite movie (he watched it several times while in the White House) didn’t spare the President from future indignities. But it must have offered tips on how to wear a brave face, win or lose. George C. Scott is a dynamo in the lead.

The Karate Kid (1984): We see you doing the “Crane” in the mirror, getting psyched for the big match. You’re the best around.

And here’s the full list of what’s coming to Netflix streaming in July:

Available July 4
Knights of Sidonia (season one)

Available July 6

Available July 9
Out of the Furnace

Available July 11
Hemlock Grove (season two)
The Battered Bastards of Baseball

Available July 12
Sleeping Beauty

Available July 14
The Master

Available July 15
The Last Days

Available July 17
Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (season one)

Available July 18
Baby Daddy (season three)
Melissa & Joey
 (season three)

Available July 19
Hell on Wheels (season three)

Available July 24
Lost Girl (season four)

Available July 26
Christmas with the Kranks
 (season three)

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