The 50 Greatest NYC hip-hop artists: Guest list

You've seen the list, now hear what Big Daddy Kane, De La Soul, Peter Rosenberg and more have to say.



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Peter Rosenberg and Ghostface Killah

Peter Rosenberg and Ghostface Killah

Peter Rosenberg

Hot 97 presenter and host of Hip Hop Squares on MTV2

“I am often asked about who my favorite MCs or groups of all time are, and it is always impossible to answer. There is so much I love about so many artists. However, if forced to choose one great that you can point to as amazing at the drop of a dime, I would say Ghostface. Though A Tribe Called Quest is my favorite group of all time, the reality is that their brilliance was cut short because of inner turmoil.

“Ghostface, however, just continues to be amazing. He is an incredible MC with a voice and style as unique as his personality. Even his slept-on albums (Pretty Toney, FishScale and Ghostdini) are amazing. Twenty years into the game, and he still sounds like he fits. On top of all of that—he made a golden eagle and wore it like a huge wristwatch.”

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