The 50 Greatest NYC hip-hop artists: Guest list

You've seen the list, now hear what Big Daddy Kane, De La Soul, Peter Rosenberg and more have to say.



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El-P and Run-D.M.C.

El-P and Run-D.M.C.


Brooklyn MC and superproducer, cofounder of Company Flow and the Definitive Jux label, No. 44 on our list of 50 greatest NYC hip-hop artists

“I honestly don’t remember the first time I heard Run-D.M.C., but it was right around the time ‘Sucker MCs’ dropped. Immediately I knew this was the best music I’d ever heard. To this day they still affect me: the sparse, hard drum kits; the sampled stabs; the booming of D.M.C.’s voice; Run’s attitude… These guys were tough without having to say they were gonna kill you, and they dressed like regular New Yorkers (sort of). To me they were like NYC superheroes—these larger-than-life dudes yelling into the mike. Nothing was harder or more fun.

“Without Run-D.M.C., hip-hop music simply wouldn’t exist the way it does now. Anyone who raps owes them. They brought rap music to the world, and they did it as the people, not the industry. They made the world bend to New York and influenced every single major rap group since.”

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