The 50 Greatest NYC hip-hop artists: Guest list

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Brian “B.Dot” Miller and Jay-Z

Brian “B.Dot” Miller and Jay-Z

Brian “B.Dot” Miller

Content director at Rap Radar (, “Blog@R”

“I became a Jay-Z fan on September 29, 1998. That was the release date of his third album, Hard Knock Life Vol. 2. The lead single was like nothing I’ve ever heard, and nearly every song sounded like a hit.

“Since then, most of his albums [have] had that effect on me. There’s a joke among fans that there’s a Jay-Z line for every situation. I like to believe that. When he releases music, his rhymes become conversation pieces, status updates—hell, even tattoos. Georgetown University even offered a course based on his lyrics.

“I also admire how Jay refinanced his hustle. His name is so respected in hip-hop that it allowed him to successfully develop brands outside of music. I mean, what more can I say?”

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