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Your perfect weekend in Paris

October 2-4

© Joe deSousa

Make the most of your precious downtime with our guide to the perfect weekend in Paris. You'll be struggling for a free hour once you've checked out our selection of the best art, restaurants, films, bars, gigs and more to keep your schedule jam-packed until Monday. Ready? Let's go! 

Art • Warhol Unlimited

Paris has had its fair share of Warhol exhibits, but that hasn’t stopped the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris from embarking on one of its biggest ever projects with the American pop art artist at the fore. The ‘Shadows’, a series of still relatively unknown Warhol paintings, clearly demonstrate why the New Yorker has exerted so great an influence on so many artists since the fifties...

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Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris , Champs Élysées and western Paris Tuesday October 6 2015 - Sunday February 7 2016

Fast food • Mo’Bagels

Despite being tucked down the quiet Rue Louis Blanc, a regular stream of customers come and go from this bagel shop in the 10th arrondissement. The smiley team inside is led by founder Olivier Ottavi, a talkative, bearded chap who makes you feel at home in the cosy, log cabin-style space. The bagels themselves – alluringly stacked up in wooden baskets – strike a decent balance between crisp and chewy. They come in all different types...

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Day out • Paris Fashion Week

Most people at Paris's autumn Fashion Week (September 30-October 7 2015) know what ordinary mortals will be wearing a year in advance, so it's well worth paying attention. Paris's Fashion Weeks are in September/October and February/March, two of the most important moments in the year for lookbooks worldwide (plus the Menswear and Haute Couture shows). It covers male fashion, haute couture and prêt à porter...

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By: Time Out editors

Restaurants • La Tarte

Before you ask, this colourful, welcoming venue is about wholesome baking. The tarts du jour are displayed at the counter, ready to be sliced and heated – three or four choices each of sweet and savoury every day. It’s a short menu, but one that enables the jovial proprietor to make the tarts fresh each morning with locally-bought ingredients. His recipes are a closely-guarded secret...

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Film • Séoul Hypnotique

As has become increasingly clear over the past decade or so, South Korea boasts one of the most diverse, exciting, and yet overlooked film scenes in the world. From Park Chan-wook’s bizarre thriller ‘Old Boy’ (2003) to Bong Jooh-ho’s tense monster movie ‘The Host’ (2006), certain directors from the booming East Asian industry have found great acclaim and even commercial success in the West. Here, the Forum des Images draws our attention to various lesser-known names in Korean cinema with a month and a half of special screenings...

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Forum des Images , Les Halles Until Sunday November 1 2015


This elegant little pizzeria feels a touch out of place in the Saint-Augustin area, where overpriced brasseries and neo-bistros have long been the norm. The modern exterior design means the restaurant also doesn’t exactly blend into its surroundings: with its dark blue façade and bright orange chairs, Vivaio brilliantly contrasts with the historical Haussmanian architecture around it. 
Inside, the house pizzas are all made with fresh ingredients and served in generous rectangular slices...

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Une brève histoire de l’avenir

Inspired by the book by French economist and author Jacques Attali, this wide-ranging exhibition brings together a variety of works depicting important events that have influenced the course of human history (the great empires, early Western exploration, and so on). It’s a great excuse to rediscover works by Mark Manders, Tomás Saraceno, Wael Shawky, Camille Henrot and Isabelle Cornano...

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The Louvre , 1st arrondissement Until Monday January 4 2016

The Look of Silence

Joshua Oppenheimer's 2012 documentary 'The Act of Killing' was a radical, disquieting thing: a bizarre forum for Indonesia's genocidal leaders (still feared nearly 50 years after their anti-Communist purge) to recreate their murders as fantasy skits. Dressing up as gangsters, these happy butchers seemed to really enjoy themselves, and if Oppenheimer never quite challenged them on their self-described heroism, his film ended up being a quiet indictment, trembling in the presence of evil men...

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Nuit Blanche

Forget back-to-school and SAD: autumn in Paris is as much about reinvigorating the community's artistic esprit as it is about falling leaves and the end of summer. Led by the Nuit Blanche festival, held every year from 7pm 'til 7am on the first Saturday in October (October 3 2015), the city blossoms into a fantastic harvest of art, music and theatrical events. It's an unmissable time to visit, or for resident expats to shake off their post-summer sloth and get out and enjoy the city like true Parisians...

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Breakfast • Café Oberkampf

Set on a charming side-street off the eponymous boulevard, this minimalist coffee shop boasts simply a counter with fancy coffee machine, a workbench laden with food, four tables and a banquette. A bay window and wooden furniture complete the light, bright, companionable feel.Order at the bar (or if it’s quiet, the friendly staff can hear you from where you’re sitting). Coffee comes from Coutume, and a cappuccino comes with a heart drawn in its mousse...

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Art • Secret galleries in Paris

You could fit all six of these venues inside one wing of the Louvre; yet together they represent a vast cross-section of the capital’s alternative art scenes, ranging from street art to anonymous photography. It’s no coincidence that many of them are situated in squats or beyond the périph – in a city where space is at a premium and rent is through the roof, the suburbs and abandoned public buildings are often the only option for penurious artists...

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Food trucks • Tooq Tooq

Parked in front of the MK2 cinema on the Quai de la Loire, Tooq Tooq’s purple van offers a full menu of classic Thai flavours, from pad thai with rice noodles fried with chicken, prawns or vegetables to lemongrass soup and crunchy spring rolls. Most of the traditional dishes here are wok-cooked, the salads bright with lime juice and the creamy soups infused with coconut milk. Main dishes can be quite expensive for takeaway food, so it’s best to go for the €10 set menu...

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13th arrondissement


Michaela G
Michaela G

Best tour I ever took was tip only. It was so good I took several more by the same company (some free, some paid for). In Morocco and Mexico I've been guided by enterprising locals who spare the time for a small fee. Consider what experience you're after before deciding to spend or not on a tour.

mary B
mary B

Oh Please Lauren Harris, free walking tours only tip supported are not professional! Don't let people telling you stories ...  Don't trust a tour guide you don't  pay for ! I'm a licensed guide of Rome and since I know I much I studied I'll never work for free! People doing this things in Rome are unprofessional guide, with no license and nothing to lose!

Lauren Harris
Lauren Harris

For short stay in Paris I personally advise you to join a walking tour. They allow you to see the most important landmarks ..The one i joined last time I was in paris had another advantage : it was with a native guide, no reservation needed and only tip-supported! he knew so many secret stories about Paris , but also hidden places where only parisians go I warmly recommend it to you : www.discoverwalks.com