Horsepower Mad Adl Meet #2 (Dec '15)

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Horsepower Mad Adl Meet #2 (Dec '15)
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Horsepower Mad Adl Meet #2 (Dec '15) says
Thank you so much for the support you guys showed for HPM ADL's first event ever!
Horsepower Mad ADL is a family friendly event that encourages all makes and models of cars to come on out! Be its custom to daily driven cars or bikes and 4x4's!
HPM is accepctng of car clubs coming early and represent there club/group, Last event we seen clubs such as SA Rotors, Club VY/VZ, VL commodore group of SA, Staunch streeters club, C.A.C.H.E and club FG all made it out!
Troy from ASAP Coffee & Catering will be out once again so if you need a cool drink hes the man to see

THIS IS A FAMILY EVENT AND IS WITHIN A CARPARK THAT CAN BE TIGHT FOR SPACE, IF YOU CANT HANDLE THE RESPONSABILTY TO DRIVE THROUGH A CAR PARK AND THEN PARK YOUR CAR UP RESPECTFULLY AND RESPOSIBLY THEN DONT BOTHER COMING , Any of the following actions- Excessive reving, Burnouts, playing very loud music out of your car once parked up, beeping, treating people and car packed aisle/Isle's as drag strips SPEED LIMIT IS 10 KM/H, no doing laps of the carpark back firing the shit out of a stright piped car (Have no clue how many people do the old ghetto duck) and one last thing! no mounting and riding up on walk ways to park!
Regarding music- Cool if you want to listen to some music while you catch up with mate but people may not like your style so dont force it upon others!

I dont want to have to enforce these rules and be that guy that takes no shit and has no fun but at the end of the day if we wanted to act like clowns i would make it clear, We want to have a good repuation as a group and keep the cops away from us for aslong as possible
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By: Horsepower Mad