Intuitive Energy Healing With Tony Ratnam, Wanneroo

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Intuitive Energy Healing With Tony Ratnam, Wanneroo
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Intuitive Energy Healing With Tony Ratnam, Wanneroo says
I work intuitively as a conduit and facilitator of Divine energy through ancient healing gifts that I was born with, specific powerful and multidimensional Energy Frequencies, as well as Light Language and rely solely on the purity and intelligence of the energies that I channel through to direct what's necessary. Potentially experience ;

- emotional shifts and releases from blockages
- deeper connections with the Divine & Higher Self, raising of vibrational levels
- shifts in physical ailments, issues or pain
- optimization of one's energy and energy centers (charkas)

One can expect the Energy to work at any or all of the levels of the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies, but typically you will receive what you are meant to at this point.

This is a group session, while bringing in the energy for the group, work is also done on each individual intuitively specific to what's needed for them.

Clients / participants who have received the energy work have reported a variety of shifts, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Their experiences in that have ranged from an awesome "big wow" effect, seeing flashes of light or colors, feeling heat/cold, tingly energetic sensations, drifting out of consciousness, an out of body experience, feeling just nice, feeling a sense of release & peace, stillness within, visions & messages, visitations from persons since passed, conversations with light beings .... or down to very subtle sensations of energy.

The nature of the healing energy is such that it can be quite a powerful effect for some while being gentle on others. One can also expect to experience sensations, cleansing / clearing post session. In certain cases existing issues can get worse post session before improvement is seen.

The session runs for up to two hours and will generally involve participants lying down at floor level, so do bring along a yoga mat or something comfortable to lay down on, a pillows/cushions, blanket(s) and also water to drink. For those who have difficulty lying down, chairs will be provided.

Also do read testimonials at

Wrap up warm and remember to bring socks and or slippers as Aroca is a 'no shoe' policy

Exchange $40 per person

Aroca Healing Centre (Dunns Herbal Farm property)
345 Badgerup Road
Wanneroo, Western Australia 6065
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By: Inner Alignment - Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, NLP