50 things to do in Accra and Ghana • Beaches, day trips and national parks

With tips on everything from Accra's best restaurants and shops to museums and sightseeing – read our ultimate guide to things to do in Accra



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Elephant-spotting at Mole National Park

Mole National Park, which covers an area of 4,480 square kilometres, is Ghana’s largest wildlife refuge. It is home to a stunning terrain of grassland savannah veined with streams and rivers. Elephants are the unofficial symbol of the park, which also contains lions, leopards, buffalo and 3,000 bird species.

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Spectacular Elmina

Elmina must be one of the most colourful places in the world. Most of the town comes out twice a day, to wish its fishermen a safe trip and greet them again as they return. Brightly painted boats, everyone wearing football shirts, the flip-flopping catch being sold on the dockside: it’s an overwhelming site...

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Kicks on Kokrobite Beach

This small beach town has become a destination for sun seekers and pleasure seekers. The long-established Big Milly’s has become somewhat of a backpackers classic – a laid back hostel with an open bar. But the beach is the main attraction – the finest near Accra.

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  1. Kokrobite Beach
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Canopy views of Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park is a hugely popular day trip from Accra. Leave the visitors’ centre and you start walking on a series of vertiginous walkways suspended high in the canopy. It offers a fabulous view of the park, and a bit of an adrenalin rush to boot.

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Surf's up at Bojo Beach

Thatched umbrellas stud the shoreline, looking out over the area’s characteristically crashing waves. Rustic to say the least, Bojo is a delightfully simplistic set up of sand, water and seating. Bojo is well-maintained, clean, and the urban hubbub seems eons away.

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  1. Bojo Beach
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