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Parc d'Atraccions Tibidabo

If there’s one thing kids love it’s a funfair – and the same usually goes for their parents. The amusement park perched at the top of Tibidabo has an otherworldly charm, a hundred years of history and the added attraction of being perched high above Barcelona. With rides for all ages, it’s a day out to remember.

  1. Plaça del Tibidabo, 3-4, Sarrià-Sant Gervasi
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Zoo de Barcelona

The dolphin shows are the big draw, but the decently sized zoo has plenty of other animals, all of whom look happy enough in reasonably sized enclosures and the city's comfortable climate. Favourites include giant hippos, the prehistoric-looking rhino, sea lions, elephants, giraffes, lions and tigers. Child-friendly features include a farmyard zoo, pony rides, picnic areas and two excellent playgrounds. If all that walking is too much, there's a zoo 'train'. Bear in mind that on

  1. Parc de la Ciutadella, s/n, Ciutat Vella, 08003
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Barcelona Bosc Urbà (Urban Jungle)

This urban adventure park – the first of its kind in Barcelona – is designed to deliver a monster dose of adrenalin. There are zip lines, nets, rope swings, bungee jumps, bridges and walkways rigged on platforms up to six metres above the ground – altogether more than 50 attractions on the park's various circuits, designed for kids, families and adrenalin junkies of all ages.

  1. Plaça del Fòrum, s/n, Sant Martí, 08019
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MIBA. Museu d'Idees i Invents de Barcelona

Even though the Museum of Inventions and Ideas was originally designed for adults, you won’t be able drag your kids away. Wacky ideas and ingenious inventions suggest a future where anything is possible. And at the Minimiba, 5- to 12-year-olds can submit their own ideas: every month three of the best are turned into prototypes by a team of builders.

  1. Ciutat, 7, Ciutat Vella
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Torre de les Aigües

In 1870, the Torre de les Aigües provided water to some of the first houses to be built in the Eixample district. Now, more than a century later, converted into a swimming pool and a small park, it provides fun for young and old alike. As temperatures soar in August, the Torre de les Aigües is a welcoming oasis: relief from the heat and unlimited opportunities for splashing, paddling and generally getting wet.

  1. Roger de Llúria, 56, Eixample, 08009
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