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The girly outpost of the Arena group is the city's largest lesbian club, and as such sees a decent variety of girls (and their male friends, by invitation) head down to shoot pool and dance to pop, house and 1980s classics. On the first Sunday of the month, there's a women-only strip show. The admission price to gay megaclub Arena also allows for entry here.

  1. València, 236, Eixample Esquerre, 08007
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Colors Club

The just-over-a-year-old Le Marlene has changed hands and is now Colors Club. New management, still just for girls.

  1. París 194, Eixample Esquerre, 08036
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La Rosa

La Rosa is practically an institution in the lesbian community. With so many bars coming and going, La Rosa stands firm, coaxing generations of girls out of the centre of town in search of some good fun.

  1. Brusi, 39, Sant Gervasi, 08006
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La Sue BCN

Since its opening in August 2012, La Sue BCN has become one of the places for women to meet women. It's a popular place for girls to meet for Barça matches with a side of sandwiches, salads and tapas.

  1. Villarroel, 60, Eixample Esquerre, 08011
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The Dietrich is transformed every Saturday into a lesbian cocktail bar where the boys are also welcome, as long as they're accompanied by a girl or two. Tarantina starts the night out with a show. The dance floor is filled with tables and chairs like a cabaret so things are a bit more settled for the performance. The stage has welcomed illusionists such as Mag Marí and monologuists including Laura Freijo. After the show, the dance floor is once again revealed and you can shake what you've got till 3am. Another well-known name in the local lesbian community, Martha Arroyo, is in charge of the musical selection.

  1. Consell de Cent, 255, Eixample Esquerre
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The former Carpe Diem reopens as lesbian club called Ohlala! Running the show is Esther Pérez, who also hosts the Silk party. The venue will also welcome their gay brothers, and Sundays it will transform into the new Martin's.

  1. 280, Consell de Cent, 08007
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La Bambo

This was once a cocktail bar for women and host to an after-hours party called Butch. Now it's reinvented itself as an easy-on-the-wallet tapas bar and is trying to pull in a more diverse clientele; however, the girls still reign, and it's a great place to start of a night in the area.

  1. Diputació, 206, Eixample Esquerre, 08011
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