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Ideas for a rainy day

Time Out gives you ideas for turning a grey day into one bright with good food, entertainment and culture

©Cristina Reche

Don't let a bit of the wet stuff keep you from getting out and enjoying Barcelona. We've come up with some ways you can still get the most out of the city without fighting with your umbrella. Warm up in cafés, duck in to a bar for a cocktail, visit a gallery, and dance to live music throughout the night.

Must-see exhibitions

Take advantage of a rainy day to get inside some of Barcelona's best museums and galleries and take in these top exhibitions on right now. (read more)

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Barcelona's trendiest bars

Duck into any or all of the most trendy bars in Barcelona to hang out morning, afternoon, evening and night. Plan your rainy-day route or what you'll do next when the sun comes out. (read more)

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Quirky museums

You've done the Picasso, the Miró and the MACBA. After these and other giants of contemporary art, what's left in Barcelona's museum bag? Off the beaten track, down cobbled side streets and even smack bang in the middle of touristy areas, you'll find plenty of weird and wonderful little-known gems - all well worth an hour of your time. (read more)

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The best cafés in Barcelona

Searching for that warm pick-me-up only a perfectly brewed cup of coffee can give? Finding an attractive café with quality products to eat breakfast, have a snack or go for a coffee can be a difficult undertaking. We show you where to go to hit the mark. (read more)

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By: Ricard Martín

Patatas bravas: the best in Barcelona

Where to get the best of probably the most popular tapa ever, from the classic recipes that never fail to the most creative patatas bravas in town Bracing ourselves for the backlash of not mentioning the place your grandfather swears has always had and will always have the best patatas bravas in the world, we dare to pick the 20 best places in Barcelona to get this popular tapa of thickly cut and fried-to-perfection potatoes piled high and served with a spicy (by Spanish standards) sauce. (read more)

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Daytime fun in the Gaixample

Unless you're in the mood for shopping, there aren't many places open during the day in the Gaixample. For a long time, going for a stroll around the neighbourhood before the night's events got underway was a depressing experience. Not a single café had its doors open, not one barman was pouring anyone an aperitif. Fortunately, this has changed and, despite economic hard times, some interesting  spots have dared to roll up their blinds outside the usual timetable. (read more)

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Culture for sale

Remember shopping for books with wooden floors creaking under your feet, the smell of the pages, hot off the presses or crumpled and cobwebbed? Remember vinyl records that you treated gingerly so as NOT to scratch them? Whether you're feeling nostalgic for a time you remember or just wonder what your parents have been going on about, these are the spots that will take you back, and where you're sure to discover some treasures from the past, and even the present. (read more)

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The best tea rooms in town

A nice cup of tea really hits the spot on a wet day. Stop in to any one of these tea rooms for a warm-up, and a snack to keep you going. (read more)

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Vegetarian delights

Barcelona has a lot to offer vegetarians and vegans, with tempting and creative dishes. We pick out some of Barcelona's best vegetarian restaurants – and they're not just for herbivores, these places serve up mouth-watering, healthy food day and night. (read more)

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By: Ricard Martín

Spas: 20 urban oases

Get out of the cold and wrap yourself in warmth. Barcelona is full of tiny oases of calm where you can seek refuge from city stress, and rainy days. Leave your worries behind and give yourself over to pleasure in these spas where you can treat yourself without breaking the bank. (read more)

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