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Love Awards voting stage business assets

Everything you need to charge up extra votes for the Time Out Love Awards

Welcome to the Love Awards asset page! Scroll down to find your city and download any assets you need to help power up your voting stage campaign efforts. You’ll find a poster that you can print as well as images to download for your website and for social media.

Here are few tips to help you make the most out of these assets:

  • Only the poster is print quality – do not attempt to print the others
  • Always print the poster in high resolution and in colour, ideally in size A3 (UK) or Tabloid (US).
  • When posting on social media using the Instagram or Facebook assets, be sure to add a link to the respective voting page (for example, for London:
  • To add the website image to your website or blog, or to integrate into an email newsletter use the code provided. Alternatively, you can download it and insert it as a hyperlinked picture if you prefer.
  • Do not alter the images, they work well as they are! You can always add your own copy next to or below the image when posting on social media about it.

A few important things you should know:

  • The voting stage closes on October 31 so these assets should not be used after then.
  • If you’re successful in making it through as a winner or a runner up, we’ll contact you before November 14 to let you know. Results will be online on Time Out from November 15.
  • Please use the assets with due care – they should not mislead or misinform customers, nor should they be used in a manner that disparages Time Out in any way.
  • Please do not modify these assets or alter them in any way including proportions, coloring and fonts.
  • Time Out reserves the right to demand removal if there has been any misuse or alteration of these assets.

Very good luck with the voting stage and don’t forget to share your social media posts using the hashtags (listed below)!




New York



Los Angeles