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When Tuan Guru, the father of the Islamic faith in South Africa, died in 1807, he left his imamship of the Auwal Mosque to Abdulalim, much to the dismay of two of his congregation members, Frans van Bengalen and Jan van Boughies. The two resigned from the mosque and started a langgar (prayer room) in the upper storey of Jan's house in Long Street, which received mosque status in 1825. Legend has it that Jan wasn't exactly the easiest person to get along with, and so, within a year of the mosque's existence, Frans left the country, and the majority of the congregation returned to the Auwal Mosque. A century and a few decades later, the name of Jan van Boughies Mosque was changed to a more succinct one, alluding to the towering palm out front, which is said to have been planted by Jan himself.

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185 Long Street

Area Cape Town

Telephone 21 444 4613

Admission free, by appointment only.