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Completed in 1679, this building at the north-east end of the Company's Gardens was built by the Dutch East India Company to house up to 9,000 slaves, convicts and the mentally ill; it continued to do so until the early 19th century. With no windows apart from tiny slits with bars, and a stream running beneath the Lodge, living conditions were wet, dark and dank. Fork out a few extra bucks for the audio headset and retrace the steps of German salt trader Otto Menzl as he is given the guided tour through the corridors of the slave lodge by a proud VOC official in the 1700s. Through his comments you get a pretty good idea of the squalor these slaves had to live in - the horrible stench, lack of ventilation, no view of the outside world and bedding so wet that slaves preferred to sleep on the floor.

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49 Adderley Street

Area Cape Town

Telephone 21 460 8242

Iziko Slave Lodge website

Open 10am-5pm Mon-Sat.

Admission R15; R5 reductions; free under-16s; free public holidays.