Travel information: getting around Cape Town

Jump aboard a local minibus taxi, hire a car or simply take a tour on foot

By Annette Klinger

Public transport

Cape Town’s public transport isn’t exactly the embodiment of efficiency, and if you’re travelling on a tight schedule, you should organise your own car. Failing that, you can organise a taxi service or even brave the local minibus taxis.


Golden Arrow Buses
Golden Arrow Buses (0800 656 463/ are omnipresent within the city limits and the suburbs. The ‘Bus for Us’ isn’t a touristy mode of transport and won’t take you to remote sightseeing destinations, but it will get you from A to B in the city for a relatively humble amount. Tickets cost around R10 to R15 for a one-way journey.

The City Sightseeing Bus
The City Sightseeing Bus (021 511 6000/ caters to foreigners, touring the expanses of the Southern Peninsula on the Blue Route and exploring the City Bowl sights on the Red Route. The first bus leaves from the Aquarium at the V&A Waterfront at around 9am (and every 20 minutes thereafter until 5pm). Day tickets (where you can hop on and off to your heart’s content) will set you back about R120.


The Cape Town railway service, Metrorail (0800 656 463/, isn’t exactly predictable, with local trains being bang on time one day and hopelessly delayed the next, so relying on this mode of transport if you want to be punctual isn’t a good idea.

The Cape Town Railway Station
The Cape Town Railway Station (021 449 2991) in Adderley Street is the centre of all train networks in the Western Cape.

Travel safe

The safest time to travel is between 7am-9am and 4pm-6pm. Minimise unnecessary risks by travelling first class and keeping all your valuables close at hand and out of sight.

Long-distance trains

Most long-distance trains have dining cars and catering trolleys, and it’s definitely worth opting for a first-class cabin. Ticket prices and timetables are available from Shosholoza Meyl (086 000 8888/

If you really want to splash out, there’s also the option of travelling up-country with one of South Africa’s two luxury train services. The Blue Train (021 449 2672/ or Rovos Rail (021 421 4020/

Minibus taxis

In South Africa the term ‘taxi’ can refer either to a meter-running sedan vehicle or to a gung-ho, packed-to-the-rafters minibus. The latter is one of the country’s most popular modes of transport because they’re cheap (about R5 for an inner-city trip), super-speedy and generally reliable. If you’re up for a thrilling ride through the city, stick out your hand to the side and a taxi will materialise from the ether. Be sure to find out the end destination beforehand and have your fare ready for the taxi guard.


Sedan taxis are also an ever-present fixture in the city, but are more expensive, charging around R12 a kilometre. The Cape Town Tourism Visitor Information Centre (021 426 4260/021 405 4500) will gladly point you in the right direction with a list of their recommended taxi companies. Unicab (021 486 1600) and Excite (021 418 4444) are generally reliable options.

You’d be forgiven for doing a double take when seeing cars looking suspiciously akin to England’s black cabs driving around town. These Rikkis taxis (0861 745547/ are very much local, however, and fast becoming one of the city’s preferred modes of transport. An added bonus is that if you’ve left your mobile phone at home, you can make a free call to them from one of the many canary-yellow Rikki phones scattered about the city. Fares are fixed-rate rather than metered so work out better value than ordinary taxis if you are taking a long journey or sharing the ride with others.

Cycling & motorbiking

There are several options if you have a penchant for getting about on two wheels rather than four.

Hiring a bicycle or motorbike

You can hire a bicycle from the adventure travel experts, Downhill Adventures (021 422 0388/, or you can rent a Harley from urban specialists Harley-Davidson Cape Town (021 446 2980/ Other motorbike rental companies include The Bike Business (33 Buitengracht, between Castle and Strand streets, 072 250 1691/ and La Dolce Vita Biking Rentals 13D Kloof Nek Road, Gardens, (021 423 5000/


Driving is on the left. Maybe it’s the fresh mountain air or the sunshine and sea breezes, but Capetonians seem pretty casual in their approach to driving: they aren’t particularly bothered about trivialities like indicating before changing lanes or checking their blind spots and minibus taxis are no exception. 

Road safety statistics aren’t much to shout about either – drink driving and speeding are the biggest culprits for accidents, especially at Christmas. Don’t take unnecessary (and pricey) risks by speeding or driving under the influence; it’s just not worth it.

Vehicle hire

If you’re over 25 and have an international driver’s license, hiring a car in the Mother City is easy. There’s a list of rental agencies as long as your arm, but the most reputable of these remain Avis (021 424 1177/086 102 1111) and Hertz (021 935 4800). The rates are generally worked out according to the amount of kilometres travelled. It’s worth doing comparative price check beforehand – some agencies offer specials like free mileage. ‘No frills’ rental companies include Value Car Hire (021 386 7699/ and Budget (021 418 5232).

Petrol stations

There’s no shortage of petrol (gas) stations in the city, particularly along main roads such as Buitengracht, Orange and Somerset Roads. The majority of these stations are open 24 hours a day, and most have convenience stores offering midnight snacks, but it’s never advisable to drive around in the sticks if you are low on petrol. At the time of going to print, petrol cost R7 per litre, but it fluctuates as much as the local weather. It’s customary to tip your pump attendant or ‘petrol jockey’ R5-R10 after filling up, if you’ve had good service and a friendly smile.


Make sure to establish whether or not your car insurance covers road damage to the car – driving around on gravel roads tends to be tricky, and even dangerous. When renting a car, check your agreement for all details pertaining to damage and liability insurance, as levels of cover vary. If you don’t have a home policy that covers you for every eventuality, it’s best to
pre-book via a multinational car hire company while still in your home country.


Finding a parking space in the city centre can be a bit of a nightmare, especially during peak hours. The ubiquitous neon-bibbed traffic wardens, or car guards, as they’re known here, are another factor to contend with when deciding on where to park. Some are official, donning orange vests and carrying around meters, and some are chancers, appearing from out of nowhere and expecting alms when the time comes for you to leave.

If you aren’t keen to contend with this, drive around a bit longer and find an underground parking garage or parking lot, which are generally safer and involve less unwanted hassle.

When parking on the street during the day, don’t under any circumstances leave your car on a yellow or red line, because your vehicle will be clamped, or worse towed, resulting in a painfully tedious and pricey (up to R1,000) recovery process. If your car has been towed, contact the traffic department’s towing section (021 406 8861). Remember to park in a well-lit, populated area if you can’t find an official parking lot when going out at night.


Apart from the City Bowl, which is easily navigable afoot, the rest of Cape Town is really more of a driver’s town, predominantly because of the distances involved, but also because it’s the safest way to get around. The city centre, V&A Waterfront and beachside promenades lend themselves to leisurely strolling and are quite safe thanks to efforts made through local initiatives and authorities. Walking around the periphery of the City Bowl on
your own isn’t advisable if you’re unfamiliar with the area though – tourists unfortunately make the softest targets. Here are some general safety tips worth bearing in mind:

• Avoid dark, isolated areas.
• Don’t walk alone.
• When lost, try to find a police or traffic officer, or go to the nearest shop or petrol station to ask for directions.
• Wearing a flashy camera around your neck is tantamount to carrying a neon sign flashing, ‘Tourist!’. If you’re packing valuables, keep them in a backpack or shoulder bag and carry it close to your body.
• Never carry large sums of cash with you. Keep small change in your wallet or purse and bank notes and credit cards in an inside pocket.
• Steer clear of anyone claiming to have a stash of Calvin Klein perfume at a special discount or offering you the opportunity to get rich quickly. Sadly, there are also con artists who’ll play on your sympathies to make a quick buck.
• When in doubt, call a cab. Always carry the number of a reliable company.

Walking tours

Tours are a great way to explore the city’s bustling, ever-changing streets, squares and hotspots – and get clued up on the preparations for 2010. There are also many specialist tours that delve a little deeper into various aspects of the Cape’s history. The following are recommended walking tour operators:

Central City Walking Tours (021 419 1881/
Cape Town on Foot (021 462 4252/
Footsteps to Freedom (021 671 6878/083 452 1112/

More travel information

Getting to Cape Town
When to go to Cape Town
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What qualifications have you got? <a href="'s-Health/Buy-Cheap-Cabgolin.html#crocodile ">cheap cabgolin</a> Farther upstream, on the Chemin Nature, the path feels very different. Here the bank is flooded for several months a year, the footpath is built on stilts and hugs the wall, as the shore is colonised by willows and waterlilies that drift in the current. Along Bas-Port Gillet, the promenade becomes broader and more urban again, as it passes beneath the tall ramparts of the Fort St-Jean, the grand 18th-century pedimented façade of the Drac, once a grain market, and Les Subsistances, former military munitions store, now an art school and performing arts centre.

By Gonzalo - Dec 7 2017

real beauty page <a href="'s-Health/Buy-Cheap-Cabgolin.html#pronounce ">order cabgolin</a> SEOUL, Oct 24 (Reuters) - Seoul shares steadied early onThursday, as an upbeat manufacturing survey offset concerns thatChina was tightening liquidity while foreign buying eased offdue to a strong won.

By Antoine - Dec 7 2017

Can I take your number? <a href="'s-Health/Buy-Cheap-Fertomid.html ">order fertomid</a> The revised data showed exports jumped at an 8.6 percent rate in the second quarter after falling at a pace of 1.3 percent earlier in the year. Meanwhile, the increase in imports showed a smaller uptick, narrowing the trade deficit.

By Ellsworth - Dec 7 2017

Can I take your number? <a href="'s-Health/Buy-Cheap-Fertomid.html#vital ">fertomid</a> For years, his administration appeared to sideline then-Secretary of State Clinton, relegating her to the role of global ambassador while allowing Vice President Biden and others to handle more significant matters of state business. Clinton “was denied the chance to be a truly great secretary of state . . . by both history and the President she served,” George Packer wrote in The New Yorker. “She and her department were never trusted with the policy blueprints. From Iran and Israel to nonproliferation and human rights, the President has kept policymaking inside the White House, tightly held by a small circle of political advisers.”

By Damian - Dec 7 2017

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By Autumn - Dec 7 2017

I'd like some euros <a href="'s-Health/Buy-Cheap-Lady-era.html#cheek ">buy lady era</a> Russia's Lavrov said Chapter 7 was the subject of "fierce debate" during the U.S.-Russia talks but stressed that "the final document ... doesn't mention it" and that the Security Council resolution being negotiated will not be under Chapter 7. He said if Syria fails to cooperate, the Security Council can pass an entirely different resolution "which may employ Chapter 7."

By Jimmy - Dec 7 2017

Who would I report to? <a href="'s-Health/Buy-Cheap-Ginette-35.html ">ginette-35 online</a> Marussia's French driver Jules Bianchi, who has a meaningless 10 place grid penalty for the race after collecting a third reprimand of the season in South Korea, and Caterham's Giedo van der Garde ended up in the tyre wall at Degner.

By Paige - Dec 7 2017

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</a> "We are hugely excited about this next series of 'Sherlock,' "said Masterpiece executive producer Rebecca Eaton, "and have worked closely with out partners, 'Masterpiece' and PBS, to bring these episodes to U.S. audiences in January. We promise our fans that Season 3 is worth waiting for."

By Margarito - Dec 7 2017

Get a job <a href=" ">prednisone 50 mg for allergic reaction</a> The new president has pledged to improve an economy ravaged by international sanctions through empowering technocrats and mending bridges with the rest of the world. Iran faces Western sanctions over its nuclear program, which the U.S. and its allies say has military dimensions. Iran denies the charge, saying its nuclear activities are for peaceful purposes.

By Carter - Dec 7 2017

Get a job <a href=" ">dapoxetine dosage</a> Participants generally continued to anticipate that the growth of real GDP would pick up somewhat in the second half of 2013 and strengthen further thereafter. Factors cited as likely to support a pickup in economic activity included highly accommodative monetary policy, improving credit availability, receding effects of fiscal restraint, continued strength in housing and auto sales, and improvements in household and business balance sheets. A number of participants indicated, however, that they were somewhat less confident about a near-term pickup in economic growth than they had been in June; factors cited in this regard included recent increases in mortgage rates, higher oil prices, slow growth in key U.S. export markets, and the possibility that fiscal restraint might not lessen.

By Berry - Dec 7 2017

What part of do you come from? <a href=" ">costo del cytotec en colombia</a> “Chillingly the father’s distain for freedom of expression can be seen in his son’s determination to place the British press under statutory control,” it said. “If he crushes the freedom of the press, no doubt his father will be proud of him from beyond the grave, where he lies 12 yards from the remains of Karl Marx.”

By Diana - Dec 7 2017

Insert your card <a href=" ">generic levitra with dapoxetine</a> The deals also could avert a major court fight promised bythe creditors, bond insurers that led opposition to Stockton'sbankruptcy and who had threatened to drag the state pension fundCalpers into their fight with the city.

By Refugio - Dec 7 2017

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By Warner - Dec 7 2017

I work with computers <a href="'s-Health/Buy-Cheap-Clomid.html ">buy clomiphene canada</a> The United Nations says more than 100,000 people have beenkilled in the civil war, after the government tried to crushpro-democracy protests, and more than half of Syria's 20 millionpeople need help.

By Dustin - Dec 7 2017

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By Abdul - Dec 7 2017

A jiffy bag <a href=" ">can you buy propecia online no prescription</a> In theory, the final three roster spots won’t make or break a season for a Knicks team that is loaded with veterans. However Jeremy Lin was added as a 15th man two years ago while Chris Copeland earned the last roster spot last year. Both were contributing players who turned their small sample size of success in New York into more lucrative free-agent contracts. Murry, a rookie guard out of Wichita State, has the potential to be this year’s end-of-the-bench breakout performer.

By Wilmer - Dec 7 2017

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By JeremyInpug - Dec 7 2017


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On another call <a href="'s-Health/Buy-Cheap-Female-Cialis.html ">female cialis online</a> The Taliban opened a political office in the Gulf state of Qatar in June, but then early this month shuttered the office, at least temporarily, after a dispute broke out over their use of the name and flag they had during their five-year rule. It is not clear when, or if, it will reopen.

By Quincy - Dec 7 2017

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