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The tongue-in-cheek warning next to the chugging toy train warns: 'No smoking unless you're a train'. It reflects the fun-loving character of Percy van Zyl, the man behind this impressive assortment of collectors' and contemporary toys. Shelves of 'celebrity' toy cars such as a flying Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Mr Bean's lemony mini stand side by side with older, more valuable examples, and a battalion of toy soldiers wards off an ox-formationed attack of spear-wielding Zulus. Other interesting exhibits include a Nazi parade complete with a saluting Hitler and marching Hitler Youth, an Asah miniature piano, and a circus tent full of acrobatic figures. There's also a frightening number of glassy-eyed porcelain dolls with far-off stares that could give the Bride of Chucky a run for her money.

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Warrior Toy Museum & Collectors' Shop details

St George's Street,
Simon's Town

Area Cape Town

Telephone 21 786 1395

Open 10am-3.45pm Mon-Thur, Sat.

Admission R5.

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