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Get to know more about Dr Christiaan Barnard and the day he made history when he transplanted the world's first human heart in 1967. The attention to detail in this slick museum is astounding - from the carbon copy of Denise Darvall's (the first heart donor's) bedroom, to reams of correspondence, including a reluctant congratulatory letter from Barnard's American counterpart, Dr Norman Shumway. There are also quirky artefacts such as the bumper sticker exclaiming 'Drivers beware: Barnard is waiting'. Step through the painstakingly re-created operating theatres where eerily realistic wax sculptures of Dr Barnard and his team are displayed, shown giving first heart recipient Louis Washkansky a new lease of life, complete with a soundtrack of clinking scalpels.

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Transplant Museum details

Groote Schuur Hospital, Old Main Building, Block E, Hospital Road,

Area Cape Town

Telephone 21 404 1967

Transplant Museum website

Tours 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm daily.

Admission R100 adults (R200 for foreign visitors); R35 reductions.

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