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Unusual brunch dishes

Noodles, hot dogs and poutine at brunch?

Photograph: Elizabeth Jochum
FIG. 1: Hangover noodles at the Bristol

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Breakfast poutine at Bite Cafe
The devious minds behind this adorable Ukrainian Village spot think they can throw a couple of perfectly runny poached eggs on top of poutine—crisp fries, gooey cheese curds and smoked bacon gravy—and call it breakfast? Yes, they can. In fact, they could call it dessert and I’d still eat it any time of the day. $10.—Laura Baginski
How brunch is it?

Red velvet breakfast dog at Hearty
Eating sweet dough–wrapped sausage for breakfast isn’t a new concept (see: Dunkin’ Donuts Pancake Bites, Jimmy Dean Pancakes and Sausage on a Stick), but this version won’t leave you with a belly full of grease and regret. A thin layer of red-velvet cake encases an enormous Big Fork bacon sausage, which you can dip in maple syrup (I, however, found this made the dish tooth-achingly sweet). A side of scrambled eggs thickened with cream cheese reminds you you’re at brunch, not the state fair. $9.50.—LB
How brunch is it?

Belly sandwich at 2Sparrows
“Pork belly belongs on the dinner table!” my fellow diners protest. But one bite of this decadent belly, topped with an oozy egg and mellow pickled onions, and it clicks: This isn’t so different from ham or bacon, two beloved breakfast meats. Except that it’s thicker, juicier and way better suited to a home between two halves of a fluffy, secret-recipe biscuit. (Oh, how I’m still dreaming about that biscuit. And the four, golf ball–size tater tots on the side.) $10.—Marissa Conrad
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Hangover breakfast at the Bristol [fig. 1]
Plenty of cultures serve soup for breakfast to cure a hangover, but I say this incredible noodle soup also relieves brunch boredom. When you can’t hack another pancake stack, order this: pleasingly chewy housemade durum-wheat noodles, pickled veggies including mustard greens and ramps, a poached egg and tender pork belly all swimming in an umami-laced, spicy broth. $11.—LB
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