The 50 best drinking songs

Raise a toast to the greatest drinking songs ever recorded about beer, whiskey, wine and white lightning



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“Brass Monkey” by Beastie Boys

It’s an obvious observation, but this song came out before the Internet. Which means that I—like tens of thousands of 12-year-olds in 1986, I would imagine—was unable to immediately figure out what the hell the B Boys were whine-shouting about. I’ll admit it: I thought the rap was about a monkey. Then, in high school, I learned from friends that a Brass Monkey was a sort of gutter mimosa—malt liquor and O.J. Gross. Then, in college, thanks to the World Wide Web, I discovered the source of that funk-skronk horn: Wild Sugar’s deep-disco cut, “Bring It Here.” Rad. And they say friends are better than the Internet.—Brent DiCrescenzo

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