Alfresco eating and drinking, no wait

We offer alternatives to Chicago’s busiest patios.



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Big Star

Big Star Photograph: Martha Williams

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Outdoor alternatives to Kuma’s Corner

We find six spots that also wheel and deal in burgers, whiskey and rock and roll.

Outdoor alternatives to Big Star

Can’t find a seat in that ever-elusive former gas station parking lot?

Outdoor alternatives to ROOF at theWit

Can’t get in to ROOF? Try these other eight spots.

Outdoor alternatives to Hopleaf

When Hopleaf is packed, here’s where to eat or drink outside instead.

Outdoor alternatives to the Purple Pig

Where to go when you can’t snag a seat on this off-Michigan-Avenue patio.

New outdoor bars and restaurants

A season of rooftops, beer gardens and sidewalk patios: charted.

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Find your outdoor dining alternative and new alfresco destinations in our Google map.

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