Guide to Chicago hot dogs

Where to find the best hot dogs in Chicago, the definition of a real Chicago dog and more odes to the iconic encased meat. Hold the ketchup.



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Best hot dogs: Have a blast (get it?) eating Chicago's best hot dogs.

Best hot dogs: Have a blast (get it?) eating Chicago's best hot dogs.

It's been said there are more hot dog stands in Chicago than all the fast food chains combined. That's not surprising: Judging by the tongue thrashing you'll get if you meekly ask for ketchup on your Chicago dog at most spots around town, we take our hot dogs (and their trusty sidekick, fries) very seriously. Whether you're looking for the best hot dog stands or creative spins on hot dogs, we've got you covered.

Finding Chicago's best dog

Reviews of 31 Chicago dogs for every day in July.

9 spots for creative hot dogs

Hot dog stands aren't the only places to get a dog, and Chicago-style isn't the only way to go

Chicago hot dog culture

Frank talk with the coauthors of Man Bites Dog.

Hot dog apparel and accessories

Hot dog cufflinks! Hot dog soap! Hot dog costumes!

The long line at Hot Doug's

One very hungover man puts up with an agonizingly long Saturday wait.

Putting ketchup on a Chicago hot dog

We put Chicagoans' legendary antipathy toward ketchup to the test.

Six iconic hot-dog stands that aren't Hot Doug's

Murphy’s Red Hots, Chicago’s Dog House and more.

Hot Doug’s tattoo | Chicago ink

Doug Phillips and 40 other sausage super fans get free encased meat for life.

Vienna Beef factory tour

This is how Chicago's sausage is made.

Encased Beats

A National Hot Dog Month mix

How to make a Chicago hot dog

Instructions (and a video) on how to make a hot dog, Chicago-style.

What's in a Vienna Beef hot dog?

Stripped down to its bare elements, a hot dog's ingredients aren't exactly the stuff of horror flicks.

Four new hot-dog stands

Can they pass the Chicago-style hot-dog test?

Haute dogs

Hot dogs at the Four Seasons, the Publican and Franks ‘N’ Dawgs.

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