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French fries we love

From duck fat to buffalo, our five favorite fries.

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(pictured from left to right)

Kimchi fries at bopNgrill
You’d think a pile of fries would get lost under caramelized kimchi, a fried egg, melted sharp cheddar, bacon, kimchi mayo and shredded cabbage. Yet these taters manage to stand out with a crispy texture that can only be compared to a deep-fried cloud. 6604 N Sheridan Rd (773-654-3224).—Marissa Conrad

Duck fat fries at the Bristol
The secret to their addictiveness isn’t just that they’re fried in duck fat (though that adds a savory punch). It’s the fact that they’re executed perfectly—crispy on the outside, soft on the inside—that’ll compel you to clean your plate. 2152 N Damen Ave (773-862-5555).—Laura Baginski

Sweet potato fries at DMK
We wanted to put all five of DMK’s fry varieties on this list, but sweet potato won out for the simplicity of the execution—whoever salts and peppers these has a way with the shaker—and the addictive lemon tabasco aioli dipping sauce that brightens up each bite. 2954 N Sheffield Ave (773-360-8686).—Marissa Conrad

Spiced fries at bellyQ
The fries served alongside the lunchtime miniburgers are worthy on their own: perfectly crispy and doused with an Old Bay–like mix of dark chili powder, oregano and garlic powder. A garlic curry aioli dipping sauce will make you forget about ketchup. 1400 W Randolph St (312-563-1010).—Judy Sutton Taylor

Buffalo fries at Edzo’s
Coating fries in buffalo sauce seems like it would produce a soggy mess, but these somehow maintain their crispy exterior and pillowy interior. Bites with crumbled blue cheese are a tangy bonus. 2218 N Lincoln Ave (773-697-9909); 1571 Sherman Ave, Evanston (847-864-3396).—Marissa Conrad