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Latest Chicago restaurant reviews

Which Chicago restaurant should you dine at tonight? Read through our most recent Chicago restaurant reviews.

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Best restaurants in Bridgeport

As one of Chicago’s most diverse neighborhoods, Bridgeport is home to a wide-ranging variety of great restaurants.

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By: Time Out editors

Best restaurants in Chinatown

It's not all Chinese food—you can also find a ramen spot making its own noodles in the basement

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By: Amy Cavanaugh

Best restaurants in Evanston

Most of Evanston's best restaurants are located right off CTA stops, so you won't have to go out of your way to eat well

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Best restaurants in the Loop

Loop's restaurants tend to be either quick service breakfast and lunch spots or crowd-pleasing places for dinner

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Frank S
Frank S

What's the deal with online reviews where you can't screen by ratings or neighborhoods? 

Alan Z
Alan Z

How do you look up restaurants in individual neighborhoods?