Movies in the Parks

We take a look at the schedule's best bets. Yes, you can bring your own food

Movies in the Parks

It's time to pack a blanket and hit the corner store for a box of Raisinets before heading out to the Chicago Park District's annual slate of Movies in the Parks. This year, the schedule includes 259 screenings in parks throughout the city, from Rogers Park to Hegewisch. The lineup includes the requisite kid-friendly hits (Despicable Me 2, Free Birds), undisputed classics (Ghostbusters, The Goonies) and recent blockbusters (Man of Steel, Star Trek: Into Darkness). We're particularly happy to see plenty of screenings of the hilarious Lego Movie and outer space thriller Gravity. If you can't decide what to see, we've got some suggestions.

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It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (June 9, 8pm, Gage Park)
The Goonies (June 13, 9pm, Revere Park)
Independence Day (June 13, 9pm, West Chatham Park)
Gremlins (June, 7:45pm 14, Chopin Park)
On the Waterfront (June 14, 9pm, Gross Park)
Gravity (June 14, 9pm, Pulaski Park)
Groundhog Day (June 15, 9pm, Holstein Park)
The Lego Movie (June 16, 8pm, Wolfe Playground Park)
Gravity (June 17, 9pm, Kedvale Park)
Ghostbusters (June 18, 9pm, Lincoln Park)
Latino Film Festival Selection (June 18, 9pm, Harrison Park)
Gravity (June 19, 8pm, Hamilton Park)
Man of Steel (June 19, 9pm, Oakdale Park)
Lego Movie (June 20, 8pm, Olympia Park)
Ghostbusters (June 20, 9pm, Chase Park)
Gravity (June 21, 9pm, Ellis (Samuel) Park)
Back to the Future (June 21, 9pm, Hollywood Park)
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (June 24, 8pm, Sherman Park)
Gravity (June 24, 9pm, Park No. 551)
Dirty Dancing (June 25, 9pm, Mary Bartelme Park)
Gravity (June 25, 9pm, Rogers Park)
Dr. Strangelove (June 26, 9pm, Wicker Park)
To Kill a Mockingbird (June 27, 8pm, Wilson Frank J. Park)
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (June 28, 9pm, Armour Square Park)
The Lego Movie (June 28, 9pm, Rutherford Sayre Park)
Space Jam (June 29, 9pm, Taylor Park)
Jaws (June 30, 9pm, 63rd Street Beach)
Jumanji (June 30, 9pm, Ridge Park)


Captain Phillips (July 1, 8:30pm, A Montgomery Ward Park)
Jurassic Park (July 1, 8:30pm, Wentworth Park)
The Fantastic Mr. Fox (July 2, 8:30pm, Kenwood Community Park)
The Wiz (July 2, 8:30pm, Woodhull Playground Park)
Man of Steel (July 5, 8:30pm, Gross Park)
Gravity (July 5, 8:30pm, Jonquil Playlot Park)
Life of Pi (July 6, 8:30pm, West Pullman Park)
Saving Mr. Banks (July 7, 8pm, Calumet Park)
The Triplets of Belleville (July 7, 8:30pm, Lincoln Park)
The Amazing Spider-Man (July 8, 8:30pm, Hermitage Park)
Ferris Bueller's Day Off (July 9, 8:30pm, Lincoln Park)
Gravity (July 10, 8pm, O'Hallaren Park)
The Lego Movie (July 10, 8:30pm, Maplewood Playlot Park)
Gremlins (July 10, 8:30pm, Normandy Playground Park)
Avengers (July 11, 8:30pm, Independence Park)
Ghostbusters (July 11, 8:30pm, Dunham Park)
Moonrise Kingdom (July 11, 8:30pm, Holstein Park)
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (July 13, 8:30pm, Douglas Park)
Fast & Furious 6 (July 15, 8:30pm, Hermosa Park)
Singin' in the Rain (July 17, 8:30pm, Armour Square Park)
The Sandlot (July 17, 8:30pm, Wicker Park)
The Book Thief (July 20, 8:30pm, Humboldt Park)
Ghostbusters (July 20, 8:30pm, Jonquil Playlot Park)
Sixteen Candles (July 21, 8:30pm, Park No. 551)
Ghostbusters (July 22, 8:30pm, Smith Park)
Star Trek: Into Darkness (July 24, 8pm, Mary Bartelme Park)
The Amazing Spider-Man (July 26, 8:30pm, Hoard Playground Park)
Life of Pi (July 27, 8:30pm, Marquette Park)
Rebel Without a Cause (July 28, 8:30pm, 63rd Street Beach)
Gravity (July 29, 8:30pm, A Montgomery Ward Park)
Wizard of Oz (July 30, 8pm, Gladstone Park)
Superman (July 30, 8pm, Owens Park)
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (July 30, 8pm, Portage Park)
The Goonies (July 30, 8:30pm, Union Park)
Star Trek: Into Darkness (July 31, 8:30pm, Margate Park Fieldhouse)


Jumanji (August 3, 8pm, Calumet Park)
Space Jam (August 4, 8pm, Indian Road Park)
Big Fish (August 4, 8pm, Lake Meadows Park)
The Lego Movie (August 5, 8pm, West Lawn Park)
Ghostbusters (August 5, 8pm, Heritage Green Park)
Man of Steel (August 7, 8pm, Augusta Park)
Man of Steel (August 7, 8pm, Rosedale Park)
The Hunt for Red October (August 7, 8pm, Wicker Park)
Lego Movie (August 7, 8pm, Austin-Foster Playlot Park)
The Blues Brothers (August 8, 7pm, Jefferson Memorial Park)
Lego Movie (August 8, 8pm, Independence Park)
The Goonies (August 8, 8pm, Wrightwood Park)
The Goonies (August 10, 8pm, Eckhart Park)
True Grit (August 11, 8pm, Lincoln Park)
The Lego Movie (August 14, 8pm, Graver Park)
The Lego Movie (August 16, 8pm, Ellis (Samuel) Park)
The Wizard of Oz (August 17, 8pm, Piotrowski Park)
The Muppet Movie (August 18, 8pm, Calumet Park)
The Lego Movie (August 18, 8pm, Lake Shore Park)
Fast & Furious 6 (August 19, 8pm, Park No. 551)
The Princess Bride (August 20, 8pm, Lincoln Park)
Lego Movie (August 20, 8pm, Portage Park)
Back to the Future (August 21, 8pm, Arrigo Park)
The Goonies (August 21, 8pm, Pasteur Park)
Man of Steel (August 22, 8pm, Golden Gate Park)
The Benchwarmers (August 22, 8pm, Humboldt Park)
The Wizard of Oz (August 23, 8pm, Oz Park)
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (August 25, 8pm, Grant Park)
The Amazing Spider-Man (August 25, 8pm, Shedd Park)
Star Trek: Into Darkness (August 26, 8pm, Emmerson Park)
The Lego Movie (August 26, 8pm, Ward, A. Montgomery Park)
The Wiz (August 27, 8pm, South Shore Cultural Center)
The Goonies (August 28, 8pm, Holstein Park)
The Muppet Movie (August 28, 8pm, Mandrake Park)
The Lego Movie (August 28, 8pm, Chicago Women's Park and Gardens)
The Lego Movie (August 29, 8pm, Ping Tom Memorial Park)
Brave (August 29, 8:30pm, Athletic Field Park)


Iron Man 3 (September 13, 7:45pm, Chopin Park)