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Take me to my Time Out city

Local restaurants, world class dining • Middle East

Time Out’s tough-to-please food editors from around the world pick their favourite local restaurant for 2014

Basta 23 at Riyadat Mall

Our favourite local restaurants: Shakshooka in Bahrain


Big budgets and great expectations in some parts of the Arab world result in some seriously high-end restaurants. The world’s most famous chefs clamour to extend their brands here, while local restaurants showcasing regional cooking often mix and match well-known recipes with the techniques and flavours flowing into the region from abroad. Our editors’ favourites for 2014 cover both approaches – from French chefs twinkling with Michelin stars tackling six-hour braised camel dishes, to contemporary Arabic dining updating traditional delicacies with decidedly inauthentic ingredients – lobster kibbeh with avocado labneh, anyone? We’ve also sourced some great local drinks to go with it – click here to find out more.

Our editors’ favourite local restaurants




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