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Best online cake stores in KL

Where to get cake, without moving an inch

A cake is just a click away, thanks to the internet. Here's a round-up of the city's best online cake stores.

Photo: Hizwan Hamid

yay, cake!

Delivery: Pick-up only
Price: From RM65-RM180
Craving pie? KL’s most underrepresented dessert is brought to glorious life by yay, cake!’s Basira Yeusuff in sticky pecan form. Basira sticks to the southern American tradition of keeping the pecan pie super gooey and treacly, and most crucially, super sweet. It’s everything you want in a slightly warmed pie – richness from the brown sugar, a gentle spice from the pecans and a melting, buttery bite from the shortbread-like crust. It’s not for sharing; trust us on this one. If pie doesn't quite cut it for you, try the salted caramel brownies and too-pretty Earl Grey milk tea cake.

Visit www.facebook.com/yaykek for more info.

Photo: Stacy Liu

Humble Beginnings

Delivery: RM15. Pick-up option available
Price: From RM72
Mille crepe specialists Humble Beginnings may now have their own dedicated café and kiosk in Bangsar and KLCC, but if you’re looking to buy a whole cake (and don’t wish to take your chances at the stores), their trusty online store lets you choose from their wide catalogue of mille crepes – from the signature French vanilla to the more playful (but yummy) peanut butter and blueberry jam. In case you’re wondering, the mille crepes here are wonderfully luscious, creamy and soft to the fork. To add to that, ordering is a cinch with the PayPal-assisted credit card payment.

Visit myshop.humblebeginnings.com.my for more info.

Photo: Hizwan Hamid

Little Tee Cakes

Delivery: Pick-up only
Price: From RM70
If you’re looking for a good tea-time cake, sisters Hui Yii and Mei Yii of Little Tee Cakes take simple, homey cakes up a notch with impeccable frosting. They offer café staples like red velvet, walnut carrot cake with cream cheese and a tempting chocolate cake with peanut butter, but we’re rooting for the lemon poppy seed cake– it’s light and fluffy with a not-too-cloying lemon cream cheese frosting.

Visit www.littleteecakes.com for more info.

Photo: Stacy Liu


Delivery: RM10-RM25; limited to areas within Klang Valley. Pick-up option available
Price: From RM60-RM75 per cake (whole 6-inch)
Did you know that Swich does orders as well? Some of the best cakes in the city have come out of the ovens at Swich. Owner Cheng uses seasonal fruits to come up with masterful surprises like the now infamous cempedak cake and Musang King durian mud pie. Don't make the mistake of skipping the near-perfect Valrhona chocolate cake (from RM75). If you're looking to customise a celebration cake or mix around flavours, Cheng will be happy to do that for you. She'll also try to fulfill any requests to suit your dietary preferences.

Visit swichcafe.net for more info.

Photo: Stacy Liu

Baked KL

Delivery: RM1 per km. Pick-up option available
Price: From RM28
Whoopie pies, cookies and fudgy brownies – this is the centre for them. Baked KL’s offerings are limited, but what they lack in numbers they make up in quality. The flourless Madagascar Brownies (RM48 for 12 pieces) in particular are thick, moist and super fudgy, but they’re easy to eat in large quantities (don’t say we didn’t warn you). The century-long argument on whether brownies should be cakey or fudgy ends here because as the baker sisters at Baked KL effortlessly justify, the latter ‘takes the cake’.

Visit www.bakedkl.com for more info.

Photo: Stacy Liu

California Cookie Company

Delivery: RM18
Price: Cakes from RM65
California Cookie Company claims that their Carol’s Carrot Cake is ‘The best carrot cake you’ll ever taste’, and they’re not far off. Fragrant with spices, studded with chunks of pineapple and visible shreds of carrot, the cake is moist and flavourful, though possibly marred by an oversweet icing. California Cookie Company is also known for their soft giant cookies - they sell them every Thursday at Plaza Mont’ Kiara Fiest Nite market.

Visit www.facebook.com/CaliforniaCookie for more info.

Photo: Stacy Liu

Su's Cakes for Kicks

Delivery: Free
Price: From RM60
Like your cakes pretty as a picture?  You’re in good hands here. The cake menu is a big one with over 20 baked goods to choose from (there are 18 different kinds of cheese cake alone). Su’s Cakes for Kicks also has an impeccable ordering system, confirming your order both by email and phone the evening of the same day, and very trustingly operating by cash on delivery. The catch? Cakes are a bit on the pricey side.

Visit cakesforkicks.com for more info.

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Dear Wong Chiew Siang, thank you for your purchase at Junandus and allow us to serve you...


...We believe our delivery side have explained to you very clear that it was the incorrect address you provided to us that causes the cake brought to the wrong delivery branch


...We are glad that our delivering side have immediately rearrange your cake for delivery on that same day


...but we would truly appreciate if the information provided to us can be correct to ensure on-time-delivery


...for the proof of your delivery on 14th Jan 2016, and what mistakes we refer to, cheers.

Chiew Siang W
Chiew Siang W

Junandus did not deliver the cake ontime for my girlfriend birthday celebration. Not trusted.