The 100 best romantic movies: film critics and journalists

Experts including Tom Hiddleston, Joan Collins and EL James vote for the best films about love and romance



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How did we choose the 100 best romantic movies of time? We asked the experts, including the folks who make their living from giving movies a critical mauling. From Danny Leigh of BBC One’s weekly film show, The Times’s Kate Muir and Time Out’s film editor Dave Calhoun, here are the critics’ top ten favourite romantic movies.

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Charles Gant

Charles Gant is the film editor of Heat magazine, the author of a weekly box office column for The Guardian and a critic for Variety.

‘And too many more to count – “Ninotchka”, “Roxanne”, “Say Anything”, “Groundhog Day”, “Wild at Heart” and “The Crucified Lovers” were all strong contenders, but got bumped late in the game.

‘The top six here are essentially interchangeable – “The Fly” only grabbed the top spot to ensure it made the list at all (and because Davis and Goldblum are probably my all-time favourite screen couple). And of course I love “Brief Encounter”, “Casablanca”, “In the Mood for Love” and “Annie Hall” – but they didn’t need any help from me.’

Larushka Ivan-Zadeh

Larushka Ivan-Zadeh is the film critic for The Metro.

David Jenkins

David Jenkins is the reviews editor of Little White Lies.

‘And “The Wedding Planner”.’

Trevor Johnston

Trevor Johnston is a film critic for Time Out and Sight & Sound.

Danny Leigh

Danny Leigh is the co-presenter of the BBC’s Film 2013 show and a writer for The Guardian.

‘I wanted to represent the full spectrum of romance here – so as well as the blissful whirlwinds, there was room for the sturdy bonds of marriage (as portrayed by that old softie Henri-Georges Clouzot), ardour at its most queasily ambiguous (“The Servant”), and the deathless passion of Dennis Hopper for his rubber doll in “River’s Edge”. I chose eleven films, which is obviously cheating, and for which I have no excuse but love.’

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