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If you want to find the place where almost everything about hipster London peaked, it’s right here, on the banks of the Lea Navigation in Hackney Wick. This pizzeria and brewery is peak beard, peak tattoo, peak warehouse living and peak craft beer – but that’s no bad thing. Sure, the service can be a little surly and all the bar staff are better looking than you, but that’s life.

The beer, being visibly brewed on site, is varied and tasty, with a good selection of international craft ales on hand to boot. In the winter it’s all about the super-crispy pizzas with innovative toppings, and the live jazz; come summer though the crowds spill out on to the banks of the Lea, with families of fowl and narrowboats tootling past – this is proper East End bucolic.

Venue name: Crate Brewery
Address: White Building
Unit 7, Queens Yard
E9 5EN
Opening hours: Open noon-11pm Mon-Thur, Sun; noon-midnight Fri, Sat. Meals served noon-10pm Mon-Thur, Sun; noon-11pm Fri, Sat
Transport: Hackney Wick rail
Price: Main courses £8-£12. Around £30.
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It’s impossible to overlook one the trendiest spots in Hackney Wick, namely Crate Brewery. Crate is guaranteed to be heaving with revellers, but the staff's ability to cope with the throngs has significantly improved over the past years. They brew onsite and have released a commendable and growing range, including their sessionable sour and black IPA. The brewery is idyllically located canal-side on the River Lee and offers rustic wood-oven pizzas to hungry wayfarers and ferrymen, who dock their canal boats feet from the bar.

Crate now offers tours of their brewery and if you're lucky, you'll be there on a weekend when Mick's Garage is open and swinging, which is located just across the yard from the brewery. From 18:00 on Friday and noon on Saturday and Sunday, this is a pop-up space offering some fantastic Middle Eastern street food from Shuk Shuk, a meaty purveyor and smokehouse from the talented minds of Josh Katz and Mattia Bianchi, who founded the highly regarded BBQ joint, Berber & Q.

In addition to this, Mick's Garage offers a fermented tea bar called Jarr Bar, where kombucha- set to be a huge trend in the coming months- is served in a gamut of flavours (or with alcohol). 

All of this is set to the soundtrack of a DJ spinning decks on the roof- the vibe is summer, the 500 person capacity means it fills up quickly and things get raucous. This is a surefire destination for a hazy summer evening in 2016.

James Manning

I wasn't mad about the pizzas, if I'm honest – too crispy, bad cheese, weirdly potato-heavy. But it's a great place to hang out with a drink and a paper, and the DJ played Spiritualized, which is all you really need on a miserable Sunday afternoon in January. Take a walk up the canal afterwards, but if you've had a few beers don't forget to not fall in.

Ros A

This is a pretty decent venue in Hackney even if you don't like beer very much. I went on a day when it was absolutely pouring rain outside and the walk from the overground was a bit bleak. Inside it was warm and packed out to the rafters (even at 7pm). Music was good, live DJs in the background playing some pretty decent stuff. Pizzas you order at the bar and then people wander about looking for who to give them to. Beers (so I hear) are varied and good - wine isn't too bad either and it's not too expensive. Fun vibe, nice people. Yes it is a bit hipster but not unbearably so, far from it. Just normal people drinking, eating, even dancing a bit later on. I'll be back. 


I like to come here in the summer to hang out by the canal with friends and a few pints, they serve some local brews and also change the stock of ciders every now and then, so you get to try some rare ones. Their pizza is delicious, staff is pretty chill and just a nice atmosphere!


Paddled up the Lea for this delicious pizza and suds powerhouse. Not disappointed. We ordered three different pies (lamb, lemon chicken, and veggie courgette) and everyone in our merry band agreed all three to be fantastic- with good amount of toppings and easy on the sauce (a dangerous combination when dealing with thiner crust pizzas).

We sat in the boat outside the brewery itself, and were immediately were hit with the smell of the warm apple whisky. Oh my yes please-- shut up and take my money. 

Would remiss if I did not mention the beer, this being a brewery. I had the IPA, and the pale ale-- could not fault them for their taste. The saison sounded fantastic, but ran out of time to sample it. They also had a great selection of other local beers in case nothing on tap caught your eye. I can imagine this place heaving in the summer-- but brave it in the colder months, you may be a few pounds lighter in the wallet... but not the belly!

Alanna S

Spent the vast majority of my summer here. Great location on the canal, good beers and pizza and prime if you can get a spot on the boat in the sunshine. Nice crowd and staff, and super popular. Worth the trip out East, and even better to combine with a walk (/bar crawl) along the canal to check out all the graffiti.

James A
moderatorStaff Writer

Given the immediate surroundings, having a nice view is pretty tricky in Hackney Wick, however by being right on the edge of the water, Crate pulls it off, and if you can't get a spot outside you can pass the time by trying to figure which of the clientele haven't actually had any sleep in the last 24 hours.

South Carolina

Totally lovely in all of its trendy glory! If you’re anything like me you’ll spend the afternoon drooling over the pizzas being delivered all around. Most likely you will then end up face down in a greasy pie yourself and me-oh-my they are delicious! Don’t get too distracted by the pizza as the main event is, of course, the beer. It’s a craft beer lovers dream with a fair few of Crate Brewery’s very own to choose from you definitely won’t be disappointed. The only downside - the queue for the toilet can be terrifying.

Ioanna La

Marvelous place in hackney wick! Spent an amazing Saturday evening with friends. Beer is great and pizza is great, location is lovely, everything is great with this place as long as there is nice weather :) they have their own beer - I tried the wheat beer and it was delicious, as good as a German one I would say! And, well, the pizza... I think one of the best ones I've had in London so far (and they are quite many!). Sage and truffle pizza was so unique and delicious but I fell in love with Courgette, feta, red onion and gremolata one. Can't wait to go again!

Bonnie W

Even though I'm not a beer drinker, I always love coming here for a pint of cider and some of the best thin crust pizza in London. The brewery has lots of seating outside, along the River Lea and makes for a great pit stop after a walk along the Hertford Union Canal or around the Olympic Park.


Great beer, great food, and great service! I haven't tried the pizzas but holy crap do they ever look nice - and my friends have raved about them as well. I'm not a huge beer drinker so I prefer the lager but I did have a shandy once (half beer, half lemonade) and very much enjoyed that! Warning: you're not allowed to park in the lot encircled by the bar and the brewery (weird) so cycle or walk or park elsewhere to avoid being ticketed (though we haven't been yet, luckily). But! As mentioned, if you like what you're drinking, you can order a case of something at the bar and walk on over to the brewery across the parking lot to pick it up. Super helpful.

Staff Writer

My new favourite place to hang out! Excellent beers and cider all home brewed and they're reasonably priced for London too! Nice location next to the canal in hackney wick. Pizzas are a bit overrated, I recommend going out to the car park and getting an amazing burger from the van. I had the lamb burger it was amazing and half the price of the pizzas!

Callum B

Lovely place for a buzzing night out or a relaxed sunday afternoon!

Right next to the canal and with seats outside Crate is amazing on a sunny day! The beer selection is great and you have to try the pizza! They offer you a choice of the more common pizza (pepperoni, ham and mushroom), but also more adventurous things to try like the potato and truffle one! Absolutely amazing!  

Claire P

This is a great laid back spot on the canal. I went at night but it was still cool to hang outside at night. 

The pizza was excellent and food came out quickly. The pizza's come with loads of cherry tomotoes which I like but if that is not your thing ask for it without.

When we first arrived it was the 6.30pm mad rush so the bar was rammed but we got served super quick. Had a great evening will be back there soon.


What a beautiful and secluded spot! Just around the corner from Hackney Wick station is CRATE, craft brewery and pizzaria. The pizza menu is well thought out, and unique, with flavours like {middle eastern lamb} {sweet potato, walnut and stilton} and {sage & truffle} They even had a gluten free base for my sister who insists that she is wheat intolerant, (but I know she is just doing it for fashion) Their beer is brewed in house, and I cant remember when I've had such a good pint. Their staff is friendly (and I dare say, quite attractive) It was very busy, but well worth the wait. ~Lewis


Crate Brewery is a great place to check out. The food was great (very experimental pizzas such as sweet potato, stilton and roasted walnut) and they offer gluten free alternatives. We went for a birthday dinner and the atmosphere was perfect, lively with out being too loud, casual but had a cozy but elegant feel. The beer and ciders made in house were also great! all in all a really nice addition to Hackey Wick, and definitely worth a visit.

John Hurst

Went with some friends to take a look at the Olympic Park having been Games Makers last year. A colleague who lives in Haggerston recommended this place and although it is of course somewhere to be 'seen' the beer and pizzas were excellent. Sunday afternoon with the sun shining is perhaps not a great time to visit but we only waited a few seconds at the bar for one of the staff to take our orders pointing out that there was a wait of aprox 45 minutes for the pizzas. This didn't bother us and we easily fund somewhere to sit by the canal. The food was ready in about 30 minutes and the two pizzas we had we big, crisp, delicious and gone in a short time. Not sure what it would be like in the winter or whether it will last for a few years as the crowd moves on, but for now well worth a visit (even from West London where we live).

Martha Sims

Having perused the website which says it is open from 9pm serving breakfast, for which you can also download a menu (which promises home-made muesli, croissants etc. etc.), I decided to meet a friend there at 9.45am on Tuesday. Oh my. We were not even greeted as we entered the bar, despite there being about 6 hipsters, seemingly going about their "work". When I asked about breakfast I was told there was no breakfast by the barman who asked someone to his side "Are we even open? What time do we open?" By this point I had a grumpy and hungry toddler but was told I could get a coffee if I wanted. I'm just sick of these pretentious places cropping up with stuck-up hipsters who act like they're doing you a favour by even making eye contact. If you are going to be so cool that you do what you want, open when you want and run out of food when you want, then don't have a flipping website that suggests you are running a professional establishment! Idiots.

trevor barre

Rubbish - wouldnt evem give us any cutlery to eat their mediocre pizzas. Pretentious and anxious.


Wonderful spot on the canal. Beers grreat. Does get v busy but well worth the wait.


Yes, it is true that the beer is delicious and the pizzas are excellent, but the service is absolutely appalling. In what appears to be style over function, the bar is too small and the owners appear to wilfully understaff it. To stand four deep at the bar waiting to be served, with only two people serving drinks as well as taking pizza orders, is commonplace in the evening. Again, in what appears to be look over comfort, there is not enough seating, either inside or outside, and what is there is very uncomfortable and consists mostly of pallets and straps pulled across lumps of wood. It is rapidly becoming the summer place to be seen, but don't go there if you are immediately thirsty, hungry or fancy a sit down and natter with your mates. They can sure brew beer, and must be making a fortune, but someone needs to help the owners out with how to run a pub.


You won't find better pizzas, and the beers are the best of the new 'london craft scene'. The venue is old style warehouse tinkered to great effect with reclaimed furniture and fittings, all with a wonderful sense of style (and humour). Glorious afternoon by the canal in Hackney Wick.


IPA worth the visit alone. Fantastic pizza and really unusual venue just a bonus.


If you like great beer, and you like pizza, and you like canal sides, and you like e london warehouse vibes, and you like swans making out (it must have been the nice weather), you will love it. bit of a mission to find tho.


pizzas amazing, beers outstanding, venue knockout - canal side summertime soon come :)


The place was full of stuck up hipsters who stare at you for not dressing trendy enough. I was born in this area and have never encountered this kind of vibe. I am assuming many have just moved here with their parents money and now think they are building the community - on the contrary, they are destroying it. I couldnt bring myself to hand over any money and support this kind of eye-saw in Hackney.


Despite previous comments, I had a great chat with one of the bar men (didnt seem too obnoxious to me). Good beer and the pizza tasted great. They even gave me some info on the brewery set up too. Concerning to hear such mixed reviews but our experience was enjoyed all round! :)


Very disappointing. Only about five customers in the bar, and our pizzas took over half an hour and didn't even come out at the same time. Could have forgiven the terrible service if it actually tasted good, however it was very average pizza cooked unevenly with too much cheese. They need to sack the (two!!!) chefs and get an Italian in.


pizzas and beer both bang on, and the venue is stunning - an awesome find for a friday arvo bike ride down the canal. service was polite and friendly, lots of 'taches and beanies in effect. new favourite.

Hello Kitty

I went to Crate for the first time last night having been told by a number of locals how great it was and having been a Londoner for a while I know that the only way to get a truly honest account of a place is if the locals drink or eat there! I was not dissappinted. Such an amazing space and they actually brew their own beer. Pizzas are simple but delicious and the delight was not a pretentious member of staff or customer in sight - a rarity in east london nowadays. This is such a fabulous bar I contemplated not leaving a review as it feels like one of those hidden gems which I wanted to keep to myself incase it gets too popular but I gather it's independently owned and they deserve to do well. Great bar, great people and simple but really well executed - could not recommend more highly but keep it to yourself we don't want everyone finding out!


this place is awesome. great beers and great pizzas in an amazing looking venue.


Last night I had the appallingly long wait of 45 mins + for one pizza. The pizzas in this place are quite good (after 50 mins wait and this being the first thing i'd eaten all day a burnt Dr. Oetker would have tasted good). Crate have five people making pizzas that take 5 mins to prepare and 4 minutes to cook. Bad management, obnoxious, unapologetic staff and only a stagnent canal view to entertain myself make way for one pissed off customer. Avoid this place like its Avian Influenza.

Jules C

Great bar with an amazing atmosphere. The upcycled decor is really well done and very stylish. The pizza's were really tasty. I loved the canal side seats it really felt calming. Basically if your in the area or even if your not go there!


Bit of a shame that that the quality of service in this place doesn't live up to the great look and feel. I wouldn't write it off for a beer, but in all honesty it's a bunch of hipsters playing at running a reputable food establishiment and it just doesn't work. They're more interested in having a good time among themselves rather than focussing on customer needs, and i mean basic needs like getting your food order to the kitchen. Hygiene in the kitchen is an ISSUE! Hipster hair and tashes in my pizza, err no thanks. Plus there is basically no-one in charge (the opposite of many other organisations) too many indians and not one cheif. Sigh, what a shame. So in summary go here if you want a good beer, don't mind waiting and don't mind a hipster or 10 bumbling around trying to look cool. Sad, but true.


I visited it today . We bought a beer from the guys in the nearby Performance space, and we went down to the Crate thinking of having a pizza and take it with us. From my point of view, that's a win-win deal for the guys running the art space and for the guys running Crate. But apparently Crate management thinks that I made all the way there to sample their beers and trendy venue, so before I had the chance to even look at the menu, a pretentious and unfriendly waiter/manager immediately stepped in to point out that I could not walk into their brand new bar with a can of beer. I tried to explain that I was bringing it from an nearby exhibition I was planning to return to as soon as my pizza was ready, that I had no intention of ordering drinks at Crate and that I was going to buy a pizza to take away. He was unfriendly, unreasonable and bad mannered. After checking the prices, my perception is that these guys don't really know who their regular customers are. I felt like if I was in the middle of fckng Soho! Good luck to them. I am a Hackney Wick regular and I won't ever set foot there again.


Interior looks good & fab location. The staff were brisk & unfriendly - they were too busy discussing how to run the place rather than actually tending to the needs of customers. Given the price we were paying for the pizza & beer they should be more professional. I find that more & more east London establishments think looking cool is all you need to make a business work - it certainly isn't. The pizza was tasty but a little over done, interesting toppings. I might go back & give it another try, then again might just spend my cash where I get a smile & friendly service.


I first visited Crate shortly after it's opening and enjoyed a glorious summers evening of fine beer and live music. Looking forward to my return visit today I was bitterly disappointed with painfully slow service at the bar, most Crate beers were unavailable, 2 burnt pizza's and an egotistical bar manager who deemed it necessary to tell us that he is happy to let dogs into the establishment b As long as they don't touch the tables. One would hope that the tables do get cleaned regularly..? Crate does not have the relaxed, yet excellent service and food quality of the Counter Cafe and it's management has not learned that good customer service is worth it's weight in gold medals.

Samantha Jones

I stumbled on this 'find' of a place while heading towards the nearby Olympic Park. A little wooden sign with three simple words enticed me in 'Beer, Wine, Pizza'. Walking through an industrial metal gate brought me to a large converted warehouse bar/eatery with its own riverside outdoor terrace teaming with a lunchtime bustle and others taking advantage of its sunny location. The building is a mix of crisp restoration with it's subtle pink faced blockwork walls and reclaimed and up-cycled industrialist features such as it's central metal chandelier and festooned metal lights hanging from the high ceiling over a central bar constructed from railway sleepers and large wooden tables and benches fashioned from old wooden crates. Light streams in through huge blocks of square panel windows, creating an atmospheric and strangely pleasing feel. I opted for a beer, being as it's craft-brewed on the premises, in the tanks of the on-view microbrewery. I had a Crate 'Golden', which was pretty good. The triumph for me though, was the hand-thrown pizza. From a choice of 8 or so options, I opted for the 'Sage, potato and truffle', which came out light and puffy, aromatic and totally bliss to eat. My mind was wanting me to order another, it was that good, but one was more than enough and would probably be ideal for two to share. It's old to see somewhere that does what it does so well. For beer, wine and pizza this is my new favourite and well worth a trip back to Hackney Wick.