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Clothes, accessories, wine, books... the best selections from the most original stores you'll find while shopping in Madrid's city centre



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Calle Preciados

Calle Preciados

Madrid's city centre is chock-full of all types of shops that sell everything from clothes, jewellery and shoes to bottles of wine, vinyl records, and fun decorative items inspired by the 1970s. Although it's impossible to put everything in one list, we've selected the most noteworthy. Wallets ready, walking shoes on, go!

Pepita is Dead

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Pepita is Dead is one of the few shops in Madrid specialising in vintage clothing. On the shelves here you’ll find unworn clothes for men, women and children, and all kinds of accessories including shoes, jewellery and glasses. All of the clothes are carefully selected, and date from the 1950s to the 1980s. The company has a warehouse with over 50,000 items for rent for film, TV and theatre productions, fashion shows and other events.

  1. Doctor Fourquet, 10, 28012
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This shop is the ideal place to find items (like toys, telephones, badges, watches, shower curtains, bags, t-shirts and record players) inspired by the films and television series of the 60s, 70s and 80s, including Maya the Bee, Mazinger Z, Audrey Hepburn and Playmobil figures. There’s also an extensive range of greeting cards and you can personalize badges with images you choose yourself.  

  1. Manuela Malasaña, 24, 28004
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Antigua Casa Talavera

On the list of Madrid’s 100-year-old establishments, this old family business has become a must for both locals and tourists. If you want to buy really good, hand-painted ceramic pieces, this is your shop. The ceramics come from family workshops in Toledo, Sevilla, Onda, Ribesalbes and Granada. Bonus: If your Spanish is a bit rusty, the owner speaks good English as well.

  1. Isabel la Católica, 2, 28013
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Sanatorio de Muñecos

Three generations of the same family at this iconic establishment on Calle Preciados have given hope back to the thousands of children who come here to have their dolls and toys repaired. It’s also the oldest toy shop in Madrid and has an exhibition of toys from all eras.

  1. Preciados, 33, 28013
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Up Beat Discos

Soul, jazz and reggae dominate the shelves here, with a hand-picked collection of CDs and vinyl, along with a sideline in donkey jackets, Parkas, Dr Martens, and so on. The shop has a fab '60s feel, with a space dedicated to scooter parts. Staff can track down rareties.

  1. Espíritu Santo, 6, Malasaña, 28004
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Petra's International Bookshop

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This quiet little establishment is home to one of the most charming multilanguage bookshops in Madrid, and you’ll find a variety of second-hand books in English and other languages. It offers an excellent opportunity to get rid of the books that are cluttering up your home and replace them with others. The shop is named after Petra, the deceased beloved cat that once belonged to the owner.

  1. Campomanes, 13, 28013
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Factory Tattoo

Factory is the most popular of the city's tattoo parlours, its seedy location no doubt adding to its allure. If your pain threshold is low, it's worth a visit just to see – and wince at – photos of piercings past. It also has a beauty salon and hairdresser where you can get a makeover, extensions or even dare to get your hair done in thin braids. It’s located in Calle Montera, next to a lot of establishments that are also specialised in piercings and tattoos.

  1. Montera, 24, 28013
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Ocho y Medio Librería

Located in a golden triangle for film lovers, between the Golem, Renoir Plaza de España and Renoir Princesa cinemas, the Ocho y Medio bookshop is a paradise for movie fans. It stocks more than 15,000 books in Spanish, English, Italian and French, together with a section of selected DVDs and a wide variety of posters, T-shirts, calendars and film-related merchandise. There’s also a place to sit and have a coffee while enjoying a good read.

  1. Martín de los Heros, 11, 28008
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Nuevos Guerrilleros

  • Price band: 1/4

'Don’t buy anything here, we’re very expensive.' That’s the unlikely slogan emblazoned at the entrance of this business, which has a number of shops in Madrid. Nothing could be further from the truth, because you can find some real bargains at Nuevos Guerrilleros among the mountains of shoes for men, women and children. You’ll find all kinds of styles including some modern and extravagant models.

  1. Puerta del Sol, 5, 28013
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Objetos de Arte Toledano

Located opposite the Prado, this shops selling Medieval armour and souvenirs has won itself a mention in all the guide books. Together with the decorative items from Toledo that give the shop its name, like swords and damascenes, you can find such ‘typically Spanish’ souvenirs as flamenco and bullfighter dolls and fans, making it a great place to find a gift for your kitsch-loving friends.

  1. Paseo del Prado, 10, 28014
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El Riojano

Flavour, history and tradition all come together in El Riojano, an establishment that has been delighting locals since 1885. Their meringues, roscones, cakes, pastries and torrijas, impeccably arranged in the window, are an invitation to have breakfast inside, where you’ll find a small cafe whose original decoration will take you back to the 19th century. This is a Madrid classic that deserves at least one visit and a photo.

  1. Mayor, 10, 28013
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Guitarrería F Manzanero

For a real taste of Spanish guitar-making, drop by at this master guitar-maker's shop, which also has a great display of old and rare string instruments. It’s worth visiting the workshop to see how authentic Spanish guitars are crafted. Call first to avoid disappointment.

  1. Santa Ana, 12, 28005
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This excellent travel and adventure bookshop sells a wide range of maps and books covering Spain and other countries. Desnivel's own publications include walking and climbing guides, and the shop also has information on organised walks, hikes and so on.

  1. Plaza Matute, 6, 28012
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Mariano Madrueño

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This classic old bodega, dating back to 1895, has a charming interior, with wrought-iron columns and carved wooden shelves. As for the booze on sale, the selection is enormous, with wines and spirits, plus the bodega's own (lethal) coffee and orange liqueurs. It currently offers a carefully selected range of Spanish wines, stored at the correct temperature in its large underground cellar, as well as a fine selection of liquors. A new shop has recently opened in La Latina (Calatrava, 19).

  1. Postigo de San Martín, 3, 28013
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  • Price band: 3/4
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This Catalan designer is famous for his funky patterned 'California T-shirts', but has expanded the range to include creative and flattering dresses, skirts and coats. Custo Dalmau, who sells in boutiques around the world, opened the first Madrid location of his empire in this small and modest shop in C/Fuencarral. The brand has continued its expansion in Madrid with branches in C/Mayor, Claudio Coello, Princesa and in Terminal 4 of Adolfo Suárez Madrid – Barajas Airport.

  1. Fuencarral, 29, 28004
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