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Meet the director: Alex Rivera

On Deck Baseball Camp

On Deck Baseball Camp

Your program focuses on baseball. What skills do you teach?
We start with the fundamentals, like hitting and throwing. Then the curriculum gets more intense, covering sign reading, situational hitting and defense.

Aside from techniques, what will players learn?
We encourage kids to pep up their teammates when they're down, and make sure they leave camp with more confidence on the baseball field—and in life.There's a camaraderie between the kids: a bonding experience beyond learning drills.

NYC has two great teams—do kids ever get to watch the pros in action?
Yes; in the middle of the week we take a trip to Yankee Stadium or Citi Field to watch a game, tour the field and meet players.The kids love it. There doesn't even have to be a game; they just love seeing the ground that their favorite players have played on.

Are all campers die-hard baseball fans?
We get a wide range of kids from different backgrounds. Some are very competitive, and some are new to the sport. If a kid has a good time but doesn't like baseball at first, he will soon. Once the kids make friends they start to love the game.—LT




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