L'Eglise de l'Annonciation


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Watching over the noise and commotion of the city's thriving fish market, this gilded gem of Baroque miniaturism receives a steady flow of devout locals and curious tourists through its doors. Officially, the church is devoted to Saint Jacques (or Saint Giaume, as the Niçois prefer to call him) but it is popularly associated with Sainte Rita, patron saint of hopeless causes. And it is in her name that those banks of candles flickering optimistically among the statues and pews have been lit.

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L'Eglise de l'Annonciation details

1 rue de la Poissonnerie

Area Nice

Telephone 04 93 62 13 62

Open 7.30am-noon, 2.30-6.30pm daily.

Admission free.

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