Notre Dame du Port


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Depending on when you catch it, this venerable old church can be a charming sight or a rather depressing spectacle. The latter situation is caused by the colony of dead-end drunks who seem to favour the church steps as the stage for their gaudy opera of shouting and stupefied sprawling. On a good day, though, it's easy to see why its imposing colonnaded façade has instilled hope in the heart of many a departing seafarer and given comfort to the widows of ships that never returned. The church, known locally as the 'Immaculate Conception', has a portico featuring a beautiful statue of the Virgin Mary, who smiles tolerantly down on our mortal souls.

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Notre Dame du Port details

8 place Ile de Beauté

Area Nice

Telephone 04 93 89 53 05

Open 9am-noon, 3-6pm daily.

Admission free.