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If it creeps, crawls or slithers you'll find it dried out and on display in the antiquated wooden cabinets of this, Nice's oldest museum. And while junior visitors are delighting at the cephalopods and other monsters from the deep, a wide variety of permanent and temporary exhibitions are on hand to ensure that everyone else is similarly transfixed. The most recent addition to the permanent collection is 'Bleu Outremer', a mesmerising catalogue of Indian Ocean marine life, while temporary shows like 'Trésors de Nacre' (an investigation of the use of seashells from tools and currency through to religious trinkets) vividly bring to life even the most obscure subjects. Well worth a visit.

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60 bis boulevard Risso

Area Nice

Telephone 04 97 13 46 80

Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle website

Open 10am-6pm Tue-Sun.

Admission free.