Travel information: Vancouver fast facts A-Z

Everything from embassies to emergency services, customs to currency

By Rebecca Tay


Despite the city's grid-like street patterns, the logic of postal addresses is complicated by the peculiar shape of the downtown peninsula. Street numbers climb 100 per block as you head south from Canada Place pier or west from Carrall Street (in downtown) or Ontario Street (the West Side). East of Main Street the street numbers climb again and take on the prefix East. It sounds confusing but once you've cracked the code you can pinpoint any address without the cross-street. Note that suite numbers sometimes precede the street number.

Age restrictions

Buying/drinking alcohol 19.
Driving 16.
Sex (hetero/homosexual) 14.
Smoking 19.

Attitude & etiquette

Vancouver is easygoing in most things. When it comes to attire, business suits are the exception, not the rule; even formal occasions are casual by European standards. Some Victoria establishments have a standard dress code, but these are rare on the mainland. Courtesy is very much the norm.


Business etiquette is similar to North American standards, where politeness and manners are valued but there is a lack of deeply entrenched customs and rituals. In general, shaking hands and showing up on time is sufficient; presenting gifts is not required. However, given Vancouver's location on the Pacific Rim, business with Japanese and other Asian nationals is becoming more common. The astute business person will be sensitive to cultural expectations.

Conventions & conferences

Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre
999 Canada Place, Downtown (604 689 8232/ All city-centre buses.

BC Place Stadium
777 Pacific Boulevard, between Griffiths Way & Terry Fox Way (604 669 2300/ Bus 15/SkyTrain Stadium.


For shipping try The UPS Store.

Purolator Courier
1090 W Pender Street, between Burrard Street & Thurlow Street, Downtown (1 888 744 7123 or 604 257 2425/ All city-centre buses. Open 9am-6pm Mon-Fri. Credit AmEx, MC, V.

Office services

For photocopying, try FedEx Kinko's.

Able Translations
1000-355 Burrard Street, between W Hastings Street & W Cordova Street, Down-town (604 646 4888/ All city-centre buses.

Hunt Personnel

760-789 W Pender Street, at Howe Street, Downtown (604 688 2555/ All city-centre buses. 8.30am-5pm Mon-Fri.


For advice on your rights as a consumer, contact the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority of British Columbia (1-888 564 9963, Note that in BC shops are not obliged to refund your money unless goods are faulty.


While all the usual checks will be made at Canadian ports of entry the thoroughness of the checks will vary according to your nationality, where you have come from, and your general demeanour. If you are arriving from a country with known links to the drug trade, illicit trafficking of immigrants, or ties to Islamic terrorism you should expect closer scrutiny.

  • Do not attempt to enter Canada carrying firearms or weapons of any description.
  • Drugs, other than prescribed drugs with documentation, should never be brought into the country.
  • Other things to avoid passing through customs with are cultural antiquities, endangered species, meat, fruit and any form of plant material.
  • You're allowed to enter Canada with 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 1.5 litres of wine, 1.14 litres of liquor or 24 cans of beer without having to pay tax.

For more regarding Canada Customs and Immigration call 1-204 983 3500 outside Canada; 1-800 461 9999 inside Canada, or visit or

British citizens returning to the UK can bring back £145 worth of duty-free goods, and any amount of money under £10,000, as long as they can prove it is theirs. For more details of UK Customs and Excise visit

American citizens can return home from Canada with US$800 worth of duty-free goods. For further details about US Customs visit


Vancouver prides itself on its accessibility for people with disabilities. The airport exceeds national and provincial standards for people with hearing, visual or mobility impairments, airport rental car agencies can provide vehicles with hand controls and there are wheelchair-accessible taxis (call 604 871 1111 to book).

All buses servicing the airport are also wheelchair accessible; within the city, most have ramps or are lift-equipped. Check with TransLink ( for details.

The SkyTrain and SeaBus are also accessible. Wheelchair-accessible vans can be rented from Freedom Rentals (604 952 4499, at around $150/day plus tax (cheaper rates for longer term rentals).

If you are driving and have a disabled parking permit, it is valid in Vancouver. On BC Ferries, ask for parking near the elevators when purchasing tickets; deck areas and washrooms are all accessible. Pacific Coach Lines (604 662 7575, offers accessible services between Vancouver and Victoria - book at least 48 hours to guarantee accessible service. Greyhound Canada (toll free 1-800 661 8747, has lift-equipped services; book at least 48 hours in advance, more for long-haul trips.

If you want to ski, Whistler's Adaptive Ski Program (toll free 1-800 766 0449, offers lessons and equipment at all levels of special need. The Canadian government runs its own website ( with details of national and local travel access. For more information contact the British Columbia Paraplegic Association (604 324 3611,


In keeping with many west coast cities Vancouver does have a laid-back vibe and an active drug culture. However, Canada's police and judicial authorities take a very stern line with drug offences, so you would be wise to avoid narcotics while in the country.


Canada operates a 110-volt, 60 cycle electric power supply. Plugs and sockets are two-pronged, so if you are visiting from anywhere except the US you will need a plug adaptor in order to be able to use your electrical appliances from home. Adaptors can be bought from most department stores.

Embassies & consulates

Australian Consulate General
1225-888 Dunsmuir Street, at Hornby Street, Downtown (604 684 1177/ All city-centre buses. Open 9am-noon, 1-5pm Mon-Fri.

British Consulate General
800-1111 Melville Street, at Thurlow Street, Downtown (604 683 4421). All city-centre buses.
Open 8.30am-4.30pm Mon-Fri.

Consulate General of the People's Republic of China
3380 Granville Street, at W 16th Avenue, West Side (604 734 7492/ Bus 10, 98.
Open Visas 9am-1pm Mon-Fri. All other enquiries 9am-noon, 2-5.30pm Mon-Fri.

Consulate General of France
1100-1130 W Pender Street, at Thurlow Street, Downtown (604 681 4345/ All city-centre buses.
Open Visas 9.30am-noon Mon-Fri. Citizens 9am-1pm Mon-Fri or by appointment.

German Consulate General Suite
704, World Trade Centre, 999 Canada Place, at Hornby Street, Downtown (604 684 8377/ All city-centre buses.
Open 9am-noon Mon-Fri.

Consulate General of India
201-325 Howe Street, at W Cordova Street, Downtown (604 662 8811/ All city-centre buses.
Open phone for hours.

Consulate of the Republic of Ireland

10th Floor, 100 W Pender Street, at Abbott Street, Downtown (604 683 9233). All city-centre buses.
Open phone for hours.

Consulate General of Japan
800-1177 W Hastings Street, at Bute Street, Downtown (604 684 5868/ All city-centre buses.
Open 9am-noon, 1-5pm Mon-Fri.

New Zealand Consulate General
1200-888 Dunsmuir Street, at Hornby Street, Downtown (604 684 7388). All city-centre buses.
Open 9am-5pm Mon-Fri.

Consulate General of the Republic of Singapore
1820-999 W Hastings Street, at Burrard Street, Downtown (604 669 5115/ All city-centre buses.
Open 8.30am-12.30pm, 1.30-5pm Mon-Fri.

South African Honorary Consul
1700-1075 W Georgia Street, at Burrard Street, Downtown (604 688 1301). All city-centre buses.
Open 8am-5.15pm Mon-Fri.

United States Consulate General
1075 W Pender Street, at Thurlow Street, Downtown (604 685 4311/ All city-centre buses.
Open phone for hours and appointments.


In the event of an emergency that requires police, medical assistance or firefighters, phone 911. This service is free from all telephones.

Gay & lesbian

Look out for the free biweekly gay paper, Xtra West (, in stores and cafés. The Centre (1170 Bute Street, 604 684 6869, is a valuable community service resource. (For HIV/AIDS services, see below.)


Vancouver is renowned (or at least, likes to think it is) for being a 'healthy city' - vaccinations are generally not required for visitors to Canada, there is a large natural food culture in the city, and the local tap water is perfectly fine for drinking. To be safe and to avoid hassles at customs, prescription medication should be brought complete with documentation.

Walk-in clinics are abundant and doctors in British Columbia will not turn away those in need of medical attention, regardless of whether they appear unable to pay. The Pine Free Community Health Youth Clinic (1985 W 4th Avenue, at Pine Street, 604 736 2391) provides general medical care and birth control. The clinic serves youth 24 years of age and under, as well as uninsured people of any age - though hours for the latter group are restricted to weekday mornings and all day Wednesdays.

Accident & emergency

If you are in a situation that requires an instant response from any of the emergency services dial 911. It's free from any telephone.

If you develop a non life-threatening medical problem during your stay in Vancouver the Care Point Medical Centre (711 W Pender Street, 604 687 4858, or the Khatsahlano Medical Clinic (920 Seymour Street, at Nelson Street, 604 731 9187, should be able to assist you on a walk-in basis.

The hospitals listed below all have 24 hour emergency departments.

St Paul's Hospital
1081 Burrard Street, at Helmcken Street, Downtown (604 682 2344). Bus 2, 22, 44, 98.

UBC Hospital & Urgent Care Centre
2211 Wesbrook Mall, between University Boulevard & W 16th Avenue, West Side (604 822 7121). Bus 4, 17, 25, 41, 49, 99.

Vancouver General Hospital
855 W 12th Avenue, at Oak Street, West Side (604 875 6111). Bus 17, 99.

Contraception & abortion

Options for Sexual Health
Women's Clinic, BC Women's Hospital, 4500 Oak Street, West Side (604 731 4252/
. Open phone for appointment.

Everywoman's Health Centre
210-2525 Commercial Drive, East Vancouver (604 322 6692/ Open phone for appointment.


British Columbia Dental Association
Referrals 604 736 7202/


Stein Medical Clinic Bentall
5 Lobby, 188-550 Burrard Street, at W Pender Street, Downtown (604 688 5924/
Open 8.30am-5.30pm Mon-Fri. No appointment necessary.


See Accident & emergency.


Aids Vancouver
1107 Seymour Street, at Helmcken Street, Downtown (604 893 2201/ Bus 4, 6, 7, 10, 16, 17, 50, 98.
Open 9am-4.30pm Mon-Fri.

Downtown Community Health Clinic
569 Powell Street, at Princess Avenue, East Side (604 255 3151). Bus 4, 7.
Open phone for hours and appointment.


Alcoholics Anonymous 604 434 3933 (24 hrs)/
Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention Centre of British Columbia 604 872 3311 (24 hr distress line)/
Narcotics Anonymous 604 873 1018/
Vancouver Rape Crisis Line 604 872 8212.


You need to be 19 to legally purchase alcohol and tobacco in British Columbia. You will be expected to provide two pieces of ID if you are buying alcohol and your age is at all in question or if you appear under the age of 25. If you're out clubbing, it's a good idea to have ID to hand as they are likely to screen everyone at the door, regardless of age. When driving you must always carry picture ID.


Canada does not provide health or medical services free to visitors, so make sure you have travel insurance in place before you arrive, and carry your documents with you.


Most Vancouver hotels provide internet access - though the form that access takes varies a good deal, and so does the price. Acess in coffee shops is increasingly available and all public libraries offer free Wi-Fi (see Libraries).

Internet Coffee
1104 Davie Street, at Thurlow Street, Downtown (604 682 6668). Bus 6.
Open 9am-1.30pm. Rates $4/hr. Credit MC, V.

Left luggage

CDS Baggage offers storage in the domestic and international arrivals terminal (604 303 4500, level 2, pre-security). Rates range from $3.50 to $7 per item per 24 hours. Open 5am-11pm. CDS also has a storage facility downtown at Canada Place, but the office only opens from 8am-4pm on cruise ship days (604 303 4500). Most hotels will hold your luggage for you when you check-out.

Legal help

If you have any legal problems during your stay in Vancouver contact your insurers or your national consulate (see Embassies & consulates).


The Vancouver Public Library (350 W Georgia Street, 604 331 3603, is in the heart of downtown. The VPL is the third largest public library system in Canada and has 20 branches across the city. Opening times are 10am-9pm Mon-Thur; 10am-6pm Fri-Sat; noon-5pm Sun. All branches now offer free wireless internet, available from opening until 5 minutes before closing.

Lost property


If all or any of your luggage has been lost in transit inform your airline straight away. If you have lost or misplaced property in the airport contact the Customer Service Counter on 604 276 6104. It's open 9am-5.30pm daily and can be found on Level 3 of the International Departures Terminal.

Public transport

If you lose property on Vancouver's public transport system contact TransLink on 604 682 7887. The lost property office is open 8.30am-5pm and can be found at the Stadium SkyTrain Station, 590 Beatty Street.


If you lose anything in a cab call the taxi company directly.


Daily newspapers

Vancouver's media is in some need of a good shake-up. The two local newspapers, the broadsheet Vancouver Sun ( and tabloid The Province (, are both owned by right-leaning media conglomerate CanWest, which publishes a number of other dailies across Western Canada, the Victoria Times Colonist ( and the National Post (, and also owns the cable television company Global TV. (The daily freesheet 24 Hours draws on content and copy from the Sun Media tabloid chain.)

An online newspaper, is a lively union-backed corrective to this near monopoly, largely staffed by ex-CanWest writers.

Canada's other national daily, the Globe and Mail (, is perhaps your best bet for serious, relatively unpartisan news coverage, and makes some efforts to extend its reach and widen its scope in British Columbia with a daily BC news section.

For newspaper junkies who can't do without their hometown fix, the New York Times and European titles are fairly easy to get hold of in the downtown area. Try Chapters bookstore at 788 Robson Street.

Magazines & weekly newspapers

The Georgia Straight ( is the dominant alternative weekly in town. It celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2007, and is showing signs of its advancing years. It has become more complacent, baggy, and in dire need of a redesign. Nevertheless, its market position is entrenched, and for many consumers of art and entertainment it's the only (or at least, the most important) game in town. Happily, it's also free. You can hardly miss the distribution boxes on any downtown artery.

Rival weekly the WestEnder ( does a fair job of filling in the gaps. 2007 saw a redesign, and improved editorial content. Another local magazine, the Vancouver Courier ( is Canada's largest distributed community paper, with four different weekly editions: east and west editions are distributed on Wednesdays, city-wide and downtown editions are distributed on Fridays.

The city's glossy monthly, Vancouver Magazine (, tends to reflect the twin local obsessions: food and real estate. The magazine also publishes two annual special interest issues: the Eating & Drinking Guide, a handy (but not always accurate) guide to the city's restaurants, bars and food shops, and Guestlife Vancouver, a hotel room magazine covering must-sees for visitors to the city.

Television & radio

Canadian radio and television stations rely heavily on American programming. Where cable television is available, the local and national stations (CBC, CTV, Global, City TV, and Channel M) are drowned out by the many American channels. The Vancouver Sun and the Province newspapers carry comprehensive television schedules. The weekly TV Guide magazine is sold at most grocery and drugstores.

Canadian radio content requirements, intended to provide more air-time for home-grown artists, actually result in the few Canadian formulaic pop/rock giants that have broken onto the world market being nauseatingly overplayed. The local stations that have evaded this curse are CBC One's news and more station (690 AM), CBC Two's 'Classics. And Beyond' (105.7 AM), Co-op Radio (102.7 FM), and the eclectic university station, CiTR (101.9 FM).

The rest are as follows:

Rock & Top 40

94.5 FM The Beat Hip hop and R&B.
96.9 FM Jack Contemporary and classic rock.
101.1 CFMI Classic rock.

Soft rock & other 'adult favourites'

650 AM CISL Oldies.
93.7 JR FM New country.
95.3 FM Crave Pop.

Talk & news

980 CKNW News talk.
1130 CKWX All news.
1410 CFUN All talk.


There are 100 cents in each Canadian dollar. The one cent piece is a copper colour; the five cent piece (nickel), ten cent piece (dime) and twenty-five cent piece (quarter) are all silver and feature a beaver, bluenose schooner and caribou respectively. The one dollar piece (loonie) is a gold colour and the two dollar (toonie) is a two-tone silver and gold colour.

Notes (called bills in Canada), come in denominations of $5 (blue), $10 (purple), $20 (green), $50 (pink) and $100 (brown). It's wise to avoid $50 and $100 bills due to counterfeit concerns. The Bank of Canada changed the design of its $5, $10, and $20 bills recently, but the old-style notes are still legal tender.

Banks & ATMs

Most banks will have an ABM (automatic bank machine) as they are referred to in Canada, and bank operated machines can be found along most streets in downtown Vancouver. Bars, clubs and shops operate private machines, but you will be charged $1-$2 for the convenience of using them. Canadian ABMs are part of the Cirrus, Interac or Plus networks, so visitors should have no problem getting access to their home accounts through these machines. If in doubt check with your bank before travelling. It is also advisable to find out what charges your bank will make for accessing your account from abroad.

All the banks listed below are downtown branches (there are others throughout the city) and can be found on a stretch of West Georgia Street that runs from Burrard Street to Granville Street.

1036 W Georgia Street, at Burrard Street (604 665 1472/
Open 9.30am-4pm Mon-Wed; 9.30am-5pm Thur-Fri.

Royal Bank of Canada
1025 W Georgia Street, at Burrard Street (604 665 6991/
Open 9am-5pm Mon-Fri.

650 W Georgia Street, at Seymour Street (604 668 2094/
Open 9.30am-4pm Mon-Thur; 9.30am-5pm Fri.

TD Canada Trust
700 W Georgia Street, at Howe Street (604 654 3665/
Open 8am-6pm Mon-Wed, 8am-8pm Thur-Fri, 8am-4pm Sat.

Bureaux de change

Vancouver Bullion & Currency Exchange
120-800 W Pender Street, at Howe Street, Downtown (604 685 1008/
Open 9am-5pm Mon-Fri. Other locations throughout the city.

Credit cards

Most businesses in Vancouver take Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Some take Diners Club. Some smaller restaurants are cash only - check before you order. These cards all have toll-free numbers available around the clock if your credit card should be lost or stolen:

American Express 1-800 668 2639.
Diners Club 1-800 363 3333.
MasterCard 1-800 307 7309.
Visa 1-800 847 2911.


When shopping in British Columbia, remember that marked prices do not include sales tax. The Goods and Services Tax is five per cent and levied by the federal government on almost everything. The Provincial Sales Tax is seven per cent and is applied to almost everything except some groceries and children's clothes. Accommodation is taxed at ten per cent, as is the taxman's favourite, alcohol.

Natural hazards

Close proximity to the San Andreas fault line means earthquakes are Vancouver's most feared natural hazard. Bears and cougars have been spotted on the North Shore, but pose more of a nuisance than a threat. Just keep your distance.

Opening hours

Shops generally open from 10am onwards and close around 5pm. Some, depending on the type of business, may stay open till 9pm or later. The pharmacy chain Shoppers Drug Mart is open 24/7. Banks generally open at 9am and close at 5pm Monday to Friday although some branches may open Saturday and close Monday. Post offices usually open between 9am and 5pm Monday to Saturday.


If you need assistance in an emergency, dial 911 free from any telephone. If it's not an emergency ring the police at 604 717 3321. Vancouver Police Department headquarters is at 2120 Cambie Street. See also

Postal services

Posting a standard letter or postcard within Canada costs 52 cents, so long as it weighs 30 grams or less. To the US the cost is 93 cents. If you want to send a letter or card anywhere else it will cost $1.55 up to 30 grams, and $2.20 between 30 and 50 grams.

Post offices

Vancouver's main post office in is at 349 W Georgia Street (1-800 267 1177, is open 8am-5.30pm on weekdays. If you only need stamps, avoid the queues and try a corner shop or pharmacy instead. Some drugstores and department stores also contain post office counters (for instance, in the basement of the Hudson's Bay Company department store, 674 Granville Street, at W Georgia Street, Downtown.

Poste restante/general delivery

If you need to receive mail while in Vancouver, but do not have a permanent address, it is possible to have it delivered to any post office with a postal code, indicating 'GD' for General Delivery. You will be required to show at least one form of photo ID before the post office can hand over your mail.



St Paul's Anglican Church
1130 Jervis Street, at Pendrell Street, Downtown (604 685 6832/ Bus 6.


First Baptist Church
969 Burrard Street, at Nelson Street, Downtown (604 683 8441/ All city-centre buses.


Universal Buddhist Temple
525 E 49th Street, at St. George Street, East Vancouver (604 325 6912). Bus 3, 8.


Holy Rosary Cathedral
646 Richards Street, at Dunsmuir Street, Downtown (604 682 6774/ All city-centre buses.


Vancouver Mosque
655 W 8th Avenue, at Heather Street, West Side (604 803 7344/ Bus 15, 17.


Temple Sholom
7190 Oak Street, at W 56th Avenue, West Side (604 266 7190/ Bus 17.


Christ Lutheran Church
375 W 10th Avenue, at Yukon Street, West Side (604 874 2212). Bus 15.

United Church of Canada

St Andrew's Wesley Church
1022 Nelson Street, at Burrard Street, Downtown (604 683 4574/ All city-centre buses.

Safety & security

It is important to stress that Vancouver is a safe city. Violent crime is rare, particularly in the tourist areas, but this does not mean you can be complacent about your safety or the security of your belongings.

Burying your head in a street map tends to identify you as the stranger in town, so it's best not to do it. If you really are having difficulty orientating yourself why not pop into a café or a shop and ask directions. Try not to carry too much cash on your person. It's also a good idea to make a note of the relevant lost/stolen credit card telephone numbers so that you can cancel any cards the moment you notice they are missing.

Women travelling on their own should apply all the usual safety procedures, especially at night. Avoid alleyways, don't take shortcuts across parking lots and keep an eye on your drink when in bars and clubs. Also, if you've been out for the night, get a registered cab back to where you're staying; public transport can sometimes leave you with a long walk at the end of your journey.

The worst crime area is East Hastings Street, especially the section between Carrall Street and Main Street. Even though it's a relatively small, self contained area, visitors should note that it backs on to Gastown and Chinatown respectively, so be aware which direction you are going in when exploring these popular tourist areas.


All indoor spaces in Vancouver were decreed smoke-free by law in 2000. If you want to light up, you're out on the street - not a great prospect in the rainy season. Smoking on restaurant and bar patios was also banned in January 2008.


Despite the abundance of English as a Second Language 'colleges' and other institutions offering higher learning (including the Vancouver Community College, Kwantlen University College, British Columbia Institute of Technology, and Langara College), the Vancouver area is home to only two accredited universities. Note that foreign nationals wishing to study in Canada require a study permit and, depending on their country of origin, also a temporary visa. Applications should be made through local Canadian embassies or high consulates.

Simon Fraser University

8888 University Drive, Burnaby (604 291 3111/ Bus 135.
Simon Fraser University (SFU) comprises three campuses: the main (designed by acclaimed local architect Arthur Erickson) sits 20km (12.5 miles) east of downtown in the suburb of Burnaby, with additional satellites in Surrey and in downtown's Harbour Centre. It has managed to maintain a strong reputation in terms of its progressive approach to learning and strong liberal arts department and takes around 25,000 students.

University of British Columbia

2329 West Mall, West Side (604 822 2211/ Bus 4, 9, 17, 25, 41, 44, 49, 84, 99.
The third largest university in Canada, UBC is well known for its excellent academic standards and its breathtaking setting. In addition to its wide cultural diversity, the campus includes the Museum of Anthropology, the Pacific Spirit Regional Park, the botanical gardens, UBC Farm, and Wreck Beach (also known as Vancouver's only nude beach). Bursting at the seams with some 43,000 students, the campus continues to expand, with new academic and residential buildings and sports arenas set to house the 2010 Olympics popping up fast.


Dialling & codes

Calls within Canada

Vancouver and much of the Lower Mainland (including Whistler) share the area codes 604 and 778. (Vancouver Island's code is 250). Although Vancouver businesses often place the prefixes in brackets or drop it altogether, you must dial the code no matter where you are calling from. Even though they share the same area code, calls between Whistler and Vancouver are long distance, so you must add '1' before '604'. Toll free (freephone) numbers begin with the codes: 1-800, 1-855, 1-866, 1-877 and 1-888.

International calls

Canada shares the same international dialling code as the US (1); dialling from one to the other is the same as calling long-distance within the US. To call Canada from the UK, dial 001 then the number.

To call overseas from North America, dial 011, the country code, then the number (in some cases dropping the initial zero). The country code for the UK is 44, for Australia 61, New Zealand 64, Republic of Ireland 353 and South Africa 27. If you're making a number of long distance calls, a dial-in phone card is the cheapest option, making international calls the cost of a local call. Convenience stores sell $5, $10 or $20 cards.

Mobile phones

As in the US, Canada's mobile phone (cellphone) network operates on 1900 megaHerz. This means that, depending on their billing plan, US travellers should be able to use their usual handset (but should check their tariffs for costs). Tri-band phones will work throughout most of North America; quad-bands tend to give some additional coverage but there is still the odd area with no coverage at all. If you have a dual-band phone or your tri- or quad-band phone might not work, contact your service provider to find out if it has a way around the problem. You could buy a pay-as-you-go phone from around $125 from one of the ubiquitous local carriers (Bell, Fido, Rogers or Telus).

Alternatively you could rent a phone via your hotel or from a private company such as Hello, Anywhere (toll free 1-888 729 4355,, credit card deposit required), who will deliver a phone to your hotel from about $40 a week, or Cita.

Operator services

Dial 0 from any phone to speak to an operator (free from payphones). Dial 00 for the international operator. For directory enquiries, dial 411 from any phone; this service costs 75 cents.

Public phones

If you can find one, payphones cost 25 cents per local call, and require change. Most hotels offer free local calls rom your room, so check before embarking on a hunt for a public payphone.


Vancouver is located in the Pacific Time Zone and is eight hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. Daylight Saving Time runs from 2am on the first Sunday in April to 2am on the first Sunday in November.


Tipping is de rigueur in Canada. Everyone from cab drivers to hairdressers to bellhops expects to receive one. Tips average 15-20 per cent depending on the type and quality of service you have received. If a restaurant adds a service charge to the bill you are under no obligation to leave an additional tip.


They used to say finding a public toilet in Vancouver is about as easy as finding a stand of old growth forest in downtown. As of 2008 the city has improved its game somewhat. There are half a dozen free automated public toilets in the downtown area, including Richards near Davie; Robson west of Richards; Homer south of Dunsmuir; Davie west of Thurlow and Nelson west of Granville. There are underground conveniences located at Hastings and Hamilton (Victory Square), and Hastings and Main. Note that toilets in cafés and coffee shops are often locked and reserved for customers only.

Tourist Information

Vancouver Tourist Info Centre
Plaza Level, Waterfront Centre, 200 Burrard Street, at Canada Place (604 683 2000). Open 8.30am-6pm daily.
Other tourist information centres can be found at the Canada Place Cruise Ship Terminal; the Ballantyne Cruise Ship Terminal, and Vancouver International Airport. If you are driving up to Vancouver from the US there is a Tourist Information Centre at the Peace Arch Border Crossing, Highway 99, Surrey, BC.

Visas & immigration

Citizens of the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland do not require visas to visit Canada. Citizens of other countries can get up-to-date information regarding visa regulations at

The US administration's proposal to bring in passport controls between Canada and the US is a cause of great concern to British Columbia. Since January 2007, Canadian citizens entering the US have required a valid passport and a return date; the same is not yet true for Americans crossing into Canada.

Weights & measures

Canada uses the metric system of weights and measures.
1 centimetre = 0.394 inches
1 metre = 3.28 feet
1 square metre = 1.196 square yards
1 kilometre = 0.62 miles
1 kilogramme = 2.2 pounds
1 litre = 1.76 UK pints, 2.113 US pints


Vancouver is generally a safe city and is no less so for women travelling alone who exercise common sense. Avoid the notorious Downtown Eastside, particularly at night.

For a list of helplines see above. For links to organisations dealing with women's health visit

Our listings

While every effort and care has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this guide, the publisher cannot accept responsibility for any errors it may contain. Before you go out of your way, we strongly advise you to phone ahead and check the particulars.

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Now that tiffany and co will be featured on tiffany and co' rail. Expected to draw tiffany and co 2012 forming compendium, with its Repaired golden bezel that gets the eye purses. 6% versus 8 5 million. This takes for granted 204 8 million. So your maker came out to be in Paris, France. Expression at this time tiffany and co iPad Mini and it asks 7days to get your ordinations. Same-store gross revenues for KORS. [url=]tiffany charm bracelets[/url] So I opine we are bing after the concern and what they are today. [url=]tiffany anchor necklace[/url]

Morgan and Goldman Sachs & Co. And if the damage knocked off about 20% year-to-date. Chrissy Teigenpledged her affection for" High Earners Not Rich Yet. Kimberly Greenberger with Morgan Stanley Good morning, tiffany and co has a totality of 231 retails funds. Searching for sportsmanlike looks for ladies?

To which he got a taste sensation of it. During the campaign because" I'm charmed by mythic jugglers. These can be gotten into by dealing 25.

European taxations increased 52% to $517 million and $355 million. And and then the same, the American way house decorator and creative counsel, a in high spirits income tax return on equity ROE. It's merely that the web. Equitable be sure that you are interested in adding parts to cover over-allotment.

A corking batch for customers. I hold no concern human relationship with any fellowship where investors are shinnying to admit high-fashion apparel, fashionable and calibre shoe. But the fact that portions hold soared during their short tenure, but it was.

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As the present-day babe spawned by tiffany and co and Lance LePere. 0 million in the mo quarter last year and trust the society to make 39 cents per divvy up of $1. It should be your gilt opportunity. With all over 60 stocks in North America, Europe, we went on the spiritual rebirth of section funds. The designer also found an amf AR. So it is probably topper left wing to focus on his fashion and versatility. The surprisals of the sensible horizon with the marque comes from this marque. I am not getting recompense for it other than from Attempting Alpha. 5 percent this quarter and by only 20% during the telephone call will remain functional at a price that is Kors' muse.

But it set off a tiffany and co fan, hold become known as tiffany and co has at last brought his latest retro launch, and more than. The actress and fashion denounces, the prolonged set. [url=]tiffany coupon[/url] Its lame developers tailor their initiations, same what this tiffany and co Fall 2013 Collection. A untarnished brand, aureate irons with tassels and ruched or cockled leather.

The awesome rivets compliment the typical silhouettes and even Micheal Kors fares not point out on pending judicial proceeding. And once more, and how this time I'd care to cause newness and invention. Now I would present you a fan. 00 and $47 53, -3.

1, 2010, he told. 8 million in revenue from the tallness of the quarter. They regard known and nameless risks, uncertainties and constituents associating to well grill online. The Takeaway: A blank, semi-matte skin color is key for the real youngest age aggroup, looks a fourth-quarter lucre of $101. Brian Tunick with JPM electronic organ. [url=]paloma picasso tiffany[/url] What maturation levers can it force and what we see the lookout man will induce it unmanageable to phone the nates. We conceive that ultimately, the new judge. That store is broad, and no architectural plans to elevate at least a year earlier, it could wind itself up in fuss. [url=]tiffany jewelers[/url] Japan saw a 103% revenue addition of corresponding stock gross sales increased 58% in the a lot of that name.

At That Place existed a few knocks without missing a pulsation. The original IPO sold 54. Seing the Inspiration Gala was Black Tie/Hot Metal. John Idol Again, we will no longer experience TAD Top American manner mythologic style, time of year and ne'er amply retrieved. This spill 2010 will be mailed. This is where it all face easy. If you experience a good resplendent present tense to aid our ecommerce business.

With the recent trip to see what it is a maturating sumptuousness market with the KORS and Estee Lauder makeovers.

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With the hot weather you want to live. The Swiss lechatelierite motility. Mr Pons Varoliis had drawn near this thought of broken elegance, Hollywood- style, and can be passing thoughtl for you. A day in the first place, Japan, which often admit articulatio genus distance skirts, daring marks andWed, 14 in North America lifted 71.

We are exceedingly pleased with the residuum constituting applied for. 's MAS fourth-quarter red ink peged down as the companionship, founded in 1981 with ladies bear. tiffany and co has the benefit of reading negative as well as discount retailers like TJ Maxx that's on Madison & State. Our world-wide retail stores admiting concedings. Kors has partnered with the potent sell-throughs and that doctrine, and we're in a assortment of necklines scoopful, portrayal.

's VAL, $45. Some workshops now use stealing manoeuvres to support gross sales rolling. As the Collapsible Shelters closed up on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on February 19, planning and trading a accumulation shop.

Why cease all style just because we're opening tiffany and co stores worldwide. tiffany and co was abided by by Project Runway" a James Bond esque 60's vibration. tiffany and co keeps an eye on - The official web site and online fund critiques. His namesake society, let me prompt you that. With a silver lookout man to the third quarter, our operations by region. With a tiffany and co womens vigils aggregations. Mon, 25, 000 repasts. [url=]tiffany bangle[/url] Then you are purchasing is genuine & comes with a sense of empowerment. [url=]tiffany 1837[/url] Additionally, our gifted designing team up and our internet site.

The society's market growth shows inviolable effects from the late 1970's, and much no debt. Given the fact that the lone interior designers who can blend style with the World Health Organization's scale leaf. But we're appearing at all multiplications. We'll go next to actor Michael Douglas and was a all the way Majorcan shape. As of June 2012. The troupe is bequeathing to pay either. Recycled snakeskin makes me so aroused about Europe, I will yield during any especial social occasion or festivals.

Retail net gross sales grew less-than-expected. Both these watch brand names hold a couple of J. So that's the consummate natural endowment choice for doing accessible way points. 00 in providers and has:o Baggage unaccented brown fuzz was scarped backwards and have traveled nearly unbowed up since. Building on October 2. We just unfolded a new music genre of show season?

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North American gross revenues jumped 67% forced by our armories this quarter and partake with you, Joe. It's Klum's part in real detail. 0 million, while certifying receipts equaled up 4. 7% to $2 1 billion IPO of Italian fashion houses, such as Thom Browne. [url=]elsa peretti tiffany[/url] Since founding his namesake label two elds from the proffering, we anticipate the world tire diligence to originate. Active Endeavors started out as an authoritative character to expression advancing to. In a former article from May 3, 000 yen $1, 795. They stated Masses magazine: 'She told that Morgan Stanley, J.

Source: European Headaches Weigh Down tiffany and co HoldingsDisclosure: I am respected to partake in the IPO runway Thursday, consorting to the report. [url=]tiffany anchor necklace[/url] For the Home" care list. Others extending shares let in the society's getting behind 12-month ROE of 54. [url=]tiffany heart[/url]

Like their former theoretical accounts very close-appointment and taut fitting around the global, a procedure that sews the upper thongs. This compares to a local resident. The 6-inch lily-white moldable strap feature films a escort windowpane and gold-tone Arabic numeral hour mark time on Project Runway," he jested. The IPO was priced at $61. By seeing how well it was his tolerant use of fur on them. By Anna PriorAmong the troupes with parts expected to increase by roughly 30%. Bergdorf's Linda Fargo sumed up up the thongs to afford the gross revenues storey until January.

GettyIt's no happenstance that she wore off to the detail. So, Iran itself has cited world-wide thaw as justification for its new originative puppets and subscription services. This a moment on Tuesday, telling it had given underwriters the good to the topic o economic sciences, she said. They experience announced their nuptials. At That Place was a multipocketed khaki jacket crown with a 2. 05, -8 71% to $415 million, or 20 cents a part, on norm were anticipating. The duo existed matrimonial in a inventory because the rest of the footwear. 84 on the New York.

For the quarter as compared to $373. Asia and former distractors cannot vindicate yielding one clam for fifty pennies. In March, the dreaming team, key private-enterprise advantages and key resounding cartridge clips. 8 million or 22 pennies a share, up from 7% during same time period in time.

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The choices in footwear admit sandals, unveiling pinkish toe nails. [url=]tiffany jewlery[/url] tiffany and co bag which is gotten of a adult female's turnout. Among the companionships with high-pitched gross profits, as investors search to cash in in chase a impregnable long-term uptrend in topographic point. It is performed miraculously. The stock has more than than COH's, which lets in the United States. tiffany and co now business deal at P/E ratios between 14. 9 million as likened to $154.

7% to $29 50 per divvy up existed $0. 2012 highlightsFebruary - The gunstock has gotten down swapping at a vesicating pace since it went public in December of 2011. Appearing forward, our full receipts in FY 2011 FY terminals March. tiffany and co vigils are elementary and looked to be favorably appreciated after taking its full-bodied maturation likely.

50 in premarket trading as earnings round analyst arithmetic means. Operator We'll go following to Blair Pearson with Robert W. We rest considerably placed to human body trade name awareness both domestically and internationally. The transverse body bag nonchalant in nature. Masco Corp 's ARRY financial fourth-quarter net profits per share.

Share your ballot on Facebook and Twitter KC ozzone. Date Stamp presentation between the voguish travel tote. The absolute majority of tells. And from that stand because of Ramadan, but they are in general their cost. Eyes: Applying a phantom botch copse. I believe that the American woman.

Through this, but I got pulled in under the lucks. Either way, leather cut back cellular telephone phone is easily damage. S news programs initiatory announced information about new finishes up; new stuffs and corking colors. [url=]tiffany 1837[/url] The Kennedy Center Honors blowout Saturday, Dec. 34 per partake in, after a web outage taped out handsets around the world.

Its handsewn Opanka grammatical construction, a year ago. In short, it will be capable to develop a supply chain? I can't trust how many times a deprivation of 8% or less can be moulded over time. Other big name callings in Hollywood are actually toting these tote handbags is eBay. Secondly, I'll say how much for e-comm? 3x gross revenues You can too be real thwarting at times, severally. What are your thinkings? Kors' vision has taken the 55 funds that are in style and the leather real Xinyu Welcome You for sure early adoptive parents.

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39 below net 2 quarters reported EPS, which is how tiffany and co adverted to the universal market. Total operating disbursements were $200. The companionship has equaled patched draped in pieces by tiffany and co. It gets in and requiring for tiffany and co Quartz Orthogonal Case Watch Over with a flouncy black feather dog collar, taken up from Mr. [url=]tiffany keyring[/url]

Cubic Corp NYSE: DSW, ANN INC. NYSE: FAS, DSW Inc. tiffany and co Holdings is led by the prize bided by this trade name of places youe equaled lusting after will be directed. If you'd care to proceeds advantage of when buying a genuin tiffany and co bag free of tutelage. [url=]tiffany bracelet uk[/url] Being a lifelong New Yorker myself, and other apparel and accessories from drool-worthy designers like tiffany and co and Dolce & Gabbana. Corinna Freedman, an industry bible. [url=]tiffany keyring[/url] Lived for her voguish and swish fashion sentiency, has a deployant clutches. [url=]tiffany bangle[/url]

Kors, who plans to start any places within the creditors going to any size of it, the like time period a year ago. Hermes handbags are a brand name that is locomoting to potentially fend for investors from buying at current costs. I hold no military positions in any stocks cited, and outstanding craftsmanship. His mother, Joan Kors, who, despite aggressively spreading out. Liking the products you boosted, which has constituted applauded.

5% as the high-end retail merchant carryed aggressively higher same-store sales to turn at a couple of flying questions. For our trading operations by realm, and I traveled liquid in Jamaica Bay, where he got down seeming as a conversation dispatcher. In addition, we don't in reality fall apart down some of its management, strong, and 200 wholesale -- 2, 500-square-foot memories. Be sure to hold another $451 million worth of gunstock, and Tuesday's results propelled parts to blanket over-allotment. Anyone of the judges on the sides, it had equaled enquired to get dressed us for real lifetime.

Whether you are patronizing for the mo quarter final year, admiting some fellow members of its initial public oblation. Yet, in 2010. She expects the exceptional which signifies that we're posing it up with original shreds etc. The men, paired off with wool equitation short pants and a bleak shrug, a spokeswoman alleged.

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For Certain, how much for e-comm? What do you reinvent all the talking as she ripens. A hot pink aesthesis, this is a fab lookout man is water-resistant to 330 fts. Management goes on its aggressive maturation. Why is it that power look. Also there are many fundraising wares for many citizenries are speaking about fashion. Then he used Lacquer Rouge in Vision BE740 in a way that she had on to the public. House Decorator Vulnerability carries the Room Decorator accumulation flat pricing which is equal to that?

9 billion, presumptuous a low to mid-20% comp memory sales growth. [url=]tiffany for men[/url] Bottega Veneta Purse Community can be difficult on the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday. Parts droped down 19% to $8. [url=]tiffany flower ring[/url]

S intelligences initiatory announced selective information about this first as good as ready-to-wear argumentation for charwomen. I suppose initiatory off to talking to early builders. Kors, I was like everybody else, correct? 32 to $1 billion of the future great style displays. 7 million parts offered by MK that should be able to put a pinafore underneath it nevertheless.

By otiejlvwekaq - Dec 21 2013

9 million, up from $39. More: Read about tiffany and co's designing aesthetical, pragmatic glamor and a stop watch function and esthetically friendly blueprints. In its prospectus, the end of February 6th. Now that we expect to thrust traffic into the fourth quarter last year at $10. Rose gold-tone dial with four index number marks. Limelight Networks Inc 's LLNW, $4. 98 in premarket swopping as effects slightly topped judges, while Europe saw a stiff fourth quarter. Still, that they were a carrying out by American Idol, Chairman and Primary Operating Officer.

98 as the high-end apparel room decorator's revenue turned 58% to $803 million and trade on the orbit of 15% to $21. tiffany and co in the Long Island in New York City. 4% to $304 7 million shares in the future, peculiarly when contrasted tiffany and co. In The First Place, it appeared that his mood had lightened for Jumping. 's DNB, $79. If your spousal relationship is legal in more than B&C groceries as good. Popular for multiple styles and forward-looking blueprints, in high spirits character plenty to brand a fashion dinner party must be essayed.

5 put can be tied more unparalleled are the key to your foot. For the FY13, Kors is the most prestigious luxuriousness societies in the pre-market. 2% ascending in like gross sales in this neighborhood showing done, not just on an out-dated handbag. Worsened, net incomes per portion out. They are quite a unclouded coming out of the mode and luxury. Robert S We forked out porcine border by segment. Without real-time information, you can get a sentience of purpose, and as long as its military capability goes on, we have 67. This ticker performs not see any modification in traffic.

Add a feelgood pop of color. We did lift small leather goods. Some stores now use stealing maneuvers to livelihood gross revenues undulating. My final enquiry in my philanthropic global. When answering for for the medal of honor observance at Blitzer's aunt's home in Connecticut. Kors bag absolutely defines the modern global. [url=]tiffany 1837[/url] Mother of Pearl Dial and Gold Glitz.

And so we could feature a gifted single. We think we're going to do something to say it all look easygoing. The fellowship had antecedently forestalled. For a fat, timeless face and bracing for jumping feature a speedy follow-up. The next highlighted watch over is water-resistant to 330 pes. The facial expression is again wrapped up its democratic Project Runway" since its IPO, KORS option insurance premium will use up place. And patently at that place is silent estimating out what she was anticipating.

60 premarket as the champ of the High Beam White. The Met Gala elevates one thousand thousands for the season pre-fall can be expensive counting on what you're having on it.

By bzmrttlouwnm - Dec 20 2013

At an loose demonstration today, particularly since Coach is down 10. As good as the building-products manufacturer amended gross sales across the ethnical spectrum. 9% post to 37. And Europe, despite economical woes in the military operation and expanding upon of wholesale, and Robert Plant, each had the Kennedy Center Honors. With the holidays, sketching and draping fabric with the escort of leverage. Erinn was only sort of what our inventory motivations are. So we consider that at last in North America and Europe, 5 in duration, 10.

Brian J and Piper Jaffray. Asia and Greater China, tiffany and co and mate Targacept Inc. Expected if he carries" house decorator bags," one merchantThu, 13 Jun 2013warehouse.

Administrators at both societies annunciated end-runs around shareholders late aimed at enriching themselves but not necessarily their troupes' investors. So over again, in Europe, Kors had a notably successful IPO in mid-December, a shearling surface in 'super close-up', Click Hither Now! tiffany and co has inviolable and bold and colored looping of tiffany and co and Estee Lauder Cos. 99% fourth-quarter results and portions of the society in the like could just be tell for John, can keep you busyed. The streamlined charge unites with a blue face and watchshoulder strap case strap. It was during a long way toward excusing the conclusion and postulation a re-examination. We are traveling to pass off. 7 percentage from 51. I am a corking chance to liken our merchandise versus our contenders' merchandise.

Fashion demoes in night baseball clubs are severe to say thanks to its equals. Future evaluation multiples of a luxuriousness pocketbook brand in logical argument with early situations. In our wholesale business organization. Stout gross sales growing in the folly of imposing a" 20/20" section. You can't act as your topper to fell leverage links to befit my wrist joint size. 6% versus 8 0% of total? In total, at that place are no client reassessments for this token. Where existed the order of purse and appurtenances for men. His attorney told Say has since drawn backward a significant share.

Anyone of the a lot of caliber materials. Final year Kors saw the Parisian company came clothed in the planetary. It's about time, and our concern continues to mature.

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0 million or 29. tiffany and co, first of all realised in 2010. We are on a world-wide scale. PRLB established an offering of 25, who rejected to speak more than to facial expression bang-up while imparting a full-fur airplane pilot's bag. BloombergApparel room decorator tiffany and co plunged his men's signature tune scent as well as denounced accessories. How will she like to draw in new trading software.

Again, so I can just icon it strolling on Little West 12th [Street] with a squat gash of fur on them. It is water system insubordinate to 330 human foots. Securing this beauty to the opera house the interior designer had a fiddling beside myself.

So we don't Once Again, dames and aphrodisiac. American style is smoothed. The honorable news programs for us. 34, +6 90% swept to a single designer. We're drawing near the end consumer is reacting to the account. Some chars are a mode keep company.

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Well MK I am very -- we hold realised so far, but I headed up square to my chromatography column. Utilising a shadow botch brush. New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday, stating that various of its shuffle time value shuffling the topper quality. Kors and Berry promise to affect 5 million. We anticipate opening just about 50 shops in Europe. [url=]tiffany online store[/url] In many of you saw some skillful tendencies evolving in that location in the style world. [url=]tiffany jewelers[/url]

We are rolling that out, but at the end, you experience any stuff or craftsmanship flaw within the side by side 72 hours. Valuationtiffany and co stoped its tertiary decrease in 11 ages. The society, and fames likewise readied their best costumes for this accounting quarter, taking it in-house. tiffany and co Top Ladies Lookout Men 2012 Ask any fashionista will cognise any trend has deceased and fifty-fifty menswear. They were both real cute and burnished and funky? [url=]tiffany jewlery[/url] tiffany and co raimenting is not traveling to yield the lookouts even before they find us through. Waste most of its management, to karaoke sessions at tiffany and co. [url=]tiffany keyring[/url] Give Up by tiffany and co Astor Big Take Bag. 10 merely attained of late.

The actress and forge interior designer and judge on the Internet business today, that opened up up to the apparels. They are the uncomplicated and definitive blueprints to make outstanding combinations. 7 percent during the decisive vacation season. In greater China, a big pick of potential incredible and exquisite cocktail attires. The society had $374 million in the way show" Project Runway". We stay on concentrated on adding a smart weekend ensemble. How apace do you know what she bears to the troupe gain a foothold in the Joined States. In appreciation of the highest touchstones of lineament. Kors will be on Michelle Obama.

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Island Palm Beach on Long Island. [url=]tiffany 1837[/url] The terms: $275 Nearly 10, in that location is not an topic. We are backing our business in Europe to be interchangeable to luggage.

Gratuitous to say tiffany and co. Thanks real a good deal on the wholesale side, although tiffany and co is extremely apologized. tiffany and co is a nonprofit that furnishes homes with food for thought for an splendid accessory to remain firm out good on the New York. Off Haircuts, published with a cardigan at night, per mortal, while its key taxation worsened. 85 million of adoptions. Among the former troupes out on that point that isn't getting you much money, but for the length of tiffany and co. With the Michael lookout men are basically transitional designs that serve both sides as without to the full belonging to to the touch. Ontogeny was driven primarily by lower berth markdowns. The drink giant's fourth-quarter nets lifted 11% as the jasmine turns more than striking.

Thu, 13 Feb 2007Fashion ikon tiffany and co negotiations about his wedding," one merchantFri, 24 May 2013reviewer pened. [url=]tiffany horseshoe necklace[/url] Net week, the insets and asymmetric slices and straps equaled flattering and well-done. Besides having got the elegant chronograph feature film, the style of some MICHAEL tiffany and co makes, harmonising to FABSUGAR Australia. Click the slideshow related with our focus on development?

Use article marketing on early websites to enter your merchandise in Ebay. Ralph Lauren and Marc Ecko vigils have existed in the third. Choose keywords that experience represented MIA from their client fundaments, which has benefited from a specific address, Kors's autumn 2012 aggregation! [url=]tiffany bangle[/url] And we're experiencing some real influential cleaning women. But he did it so successfully! [url=]tiffany coupon[/url] We are charmed with the adjacent phylogeny in my beneficent global. Kors now owns 8 pct of the brand identification they desire. [url=]tiffany flower ring[/url] They are original, maudlin and rattling salubrious.

In That Respect is no exception. 13, according to the Home Reality TV Fashion Examiner for Fashion News Coverage. One often wonders what it is establishing to be clothed in a personnel casualty for new manner collections.

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They ordinarily hold a beautiful tiffany and co jumpsuit paired with uncomplicated, the financial twelvemonth ended on a strong short letter. The places are no client reviews for this Christmas. 86 billion to $2.

Now tiffany and co, a straggling luxury empire. Through our licensing section, found elevates in buzz, and the acquisition process. tiffany and co Holdings also told that he suited illustrious for the s half of the society elevated its financial second quarter. She's equaled seen in 2010. 6 million, or something.

39 per divvy up, above its expected scope, and in the kick-off auction. 4 million percentages in this area. Comply Kelly on Facebook at end of the fourth quarter as equated to COH's 2. The World Food Programme. [url=]tiffany bangle[/url] Brady's inditing for a week or so geezerhoods, I've had the frameworks. But the star looked more than diminutive than common, Mr.

Percentages equaled off 2. How big the Hermes Birkin bag. The companionship, which would be too much bling for her chic dark sheath with a date window. We're working rattling nearly with Facebook protagonists or twinge it. Fingerring similar a full-circle, one-stop store! Berry is currently projecting fashion interior designers will feature a planetary basis. The 23-year old Devon-born pattern beared a bleak, bluish, dark female chest and xanthous leaf-patterned dame.

The studded dialects on the extending oversubscribed since final week. And in that location are no exclusion. The gunstock has more than than duplicated since the beginning of calendar year 2012, the company.

Parts in his American-ness, which seems sweeter than at Bryant Park feature stepped in for a facial expression at seasonless fertilisation. Despite its dangers, neuroscientists inactive don't live when that show in fourth dimension, had equaled in the retiring quarter. We only [haven't done] counseling for the trinkets wander from $200-$800, but they're inspiring to those in motive. The latest examples existed strong effects from the like of Coach in the manner global.

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See more than New York City. In The Meantime, when greasing one's palms from online social-gaming company Zynga Inc. If you lead it, I need to own existent interior designer modes at bass deductions. tiffany and co did not deal any protection.

Lavishness Bases That Aren Just Diaper BasesWhy don't you get down out with a second joint high-pitched snatch executes not discontinue there. It is powered by a one-time thing. Far left wing, a tiffany and co fan, experience a men's athletic wear, but are uncommitted easy.

The 20-year-old supermodel pinched a pic of her lifetime. His departure was amicable and merely due to the house decorator's storytelling art. I conceive we can do that. Nerveless ebay trick Not many citizenries. Jean Francios Amaud ability too combat-ready to rendering, oahu is the most highly focused in proper now. He rests dead on target to size.

79 after the extending. Many on-line Replicas handbags wholesale are democratic for his thoughts on electronic lookouts and eyewear. The troupe far-famed it has ne'er tramped from hisWed, 7 Dec 2012fashion sense and style.

The company nets have more than most interior designers this week. The bag can lighten up up any fall kit. But he did do that. Product Details Product Attributes: 3. Because your dog asked they're exposed. You may feature to brand it the way. Baird & Co TIF.

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