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Jack Daniel’s serves Australians an American Tradition

It's the mixed drink your mouth has been waiting for

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As the weather heats up, Jack Daniel’s is coming to the rescue of your house party, barbecue or end of the work-week kickback, with their new American Serve. It gives you a stronger Jack taste while still only being two standard drinks, served up in a neat little 250ml can.

Leave the glass bottles, cups and two-litre soft drinks at home and sling a four-pack of Jack Daniel’s American Serve cans and some ice into your esky for a little American flavour that will go with you, anywhere.

The reason they’ve gone with a 10% ABV for the cans comes down to taste. If you’ve spent any time propping up a dive bar in America you’ll know they favour less mixer in their standard serves, and the American Serve is designed to bring that ratio across the Pacific.  And as Australians say goodbye to long, sweet drinks and hello to shorter serves, the 250ml size fits right in – more of the good part, less sugar.

If you like to mix it up a little, you’re in luck. The American Serve comes in three flavours: there’s cola for traditionalists, lemonade for a refreshing citrus taste, and a dry ginger ale for a sharper option.

American Serve is available in all good bottle shops. RRP of $25.99 for a four-pack. 

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