Film Night: Beau Travail X Querelle

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Film Night: Beau Travail X Querelle
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Two films about sexuality, desire, suppression and the military.

Beau Travail

Claire Denis' Beau Travail (Good Work) is loosely based on Herman Melville's 1888 novella 'Billy Budd'. Set in Djibouti, the film follows French Foreign Legion soldiers as they interact with their duty, their commander, society, each other, and themselves. Considered one of the director's greatest works.

90 mins


*(soz for no English subs in trailer)

Rainer Werner Fassbinder's Querelle marks the director's final film, released posthumously a few months after his death. It is an adaptation of Jene Genet's 1947 novel 'Querelle de Brest'. The film follows Belgian sailor Georges Querelle who is also a murderer and a thief. He experiences crime, sex, love and rivalry. Upon its initial release in France the film achieved great success, and is considered to be the first film with such a strong gay theme to do so.

West Germany/France
108 mins

(Trigger warnings: violence, sex, murder, blood)

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