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Five ways to take time out for self care this month

Beat the blues with this five-step guide to taking time out (and time oat)

By Time Out in association with Australia's Own

Taking good care of your mental and physical wellbeing doesn’t have to involve signing up to a ten-week mindfulness course. Why not start with a great cup of coffee?   

In partnership with Australia’s Own Barista Oat Milk, we’ve broken it down for you. Sort out your perfect coffee at home; set up a corner of your place as your ideal chill spot; pamper yourself a little; and start planning your perfect getaway.

Make the most of your Time Oat

Café-quality coffees can be enjoyed in the comfort of home, and can offer a meditative and mindful moment at the start of your day or a mid-afternoon moment of calm. It all starts with an Italian machine from a trusted brand such as De’Longhi. Quite apart from the results, we love the retro look of this shiny thing. It’s like having a café in your own kitchen.

So now you’re tamping like a champion, what goes into your shot of espresso? Australia’s Own produces a full range of milks and the newest member of the family, Barista Oat Milk, is a perfect plant-based milk specifically crafted for coffee at home. Barista Oat Milk can be steamed, frothed and aerated just like dairy, for that satisfying crema and resulting latte moustache that is definitely not exclusive to the café experience. It also happens to be Australian made with 100% Australian oats, and is rich and creamy with an understated sweetness. Find out more about Australia’s Own Barista Oat Milk.

Creating an idyllic homespace is more important than ever for everyday happiness. Instead of taking your coffee on the go, create a space that’s irresistibly comfy for sitting back and relax with a brilliant brew and enjoy the moment. US homewares brand West Elm serves up beautiful things for everyday living. Their furniture strikes a unique balance between cool modernity and homestyle naturalness, with furniture built from the wood of sustainably managed forests and an ethical commitment to makers and artisans and strengthening local economies.

You’ve got that warm, content feeling spreading through you now you’ve had your divine oat coffee in your divine coffee nook – time to spread the love to your skin. Ena is a made-in-Australia, all-natural skincare range containing no abrasive chemicals or synthetic fragrances, and their stylish range is found in luxury hotels as well as discerning homes. From a complete home spa treatment to a brief moment of calm with roll-on essential oils, they've got everything you need.

Now that you’ve taken some time ‘oat’ in your day, it’s time to start thinking about a longer break. Once restrictions are lifted the opportunity to get away into nature is one you can’t (and shouldn’t) resist. TinyAway partners with land hosts to place their handcrafted homes on wheels in spectacular rural settings. Wake up surrounded by nature, next to a river, a winery, in the middle of a forest or amid rolling hills, and of course with an oat coffee in hand. What could be more refreshing than having something to look forward to that truly helps you be nurtured by nature? 

Head over to the Australia's Own Instagram page to win time oat prizes from Australia's Own brand partners De'Longhi, West Elm, Ena Skincare and Tiny Away.

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