From Surviving To Thriving

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From Surviving To Thriving
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From Surviving To Thriving says
Do you feel the desire, the longing, to live in a different way?

As women, we can often sense or know that we need to make change within our lives, and yet, feel helplessly lost about where to start.

For many, just getting through the day is challenging enough—without adding to that finding the time to sift through the endless amounts of conflicting information on how we can improve our hormones, digestion, mood, stress levels, what we eat, how we sleep, and general contentedness with life. For an already overwhelmed or busy woman, this alone can be enough to put us off making any changes at all.

And yet, there is that unshakable feeling that there must be more to life than just getting by.

In this powerful 2-hour event, Dr Libby gets to the heart of women’s wellness and explores everything you need to know about how your body and mind work – from a nutritional, biochemical and emotional perspective. From the weight you can’t shift, to why you feel trapped on the “stress express”, or why you find it so difficult to say “no” to some people. Dr Libby empowers you with the knowledge to make the transition
from merely surviving to thriving.
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By: Dr Libby

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