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Fundraiser For Max Sulley
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Fundraiser For Max Sulley says
** Max Sulley’s Story **

Max Sulley is a 3-year-old who has a primary immune deficiency – a rare condition where his parents Brenden and Kym almost lost Max when he was 4 months old. He was admitted into hospital and underwent an open lung biopsy as all of Max’s previous tests didn’t provide any answers. The lung biopsy revealed that Max had pjp (pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia) which you only get if you’re immune-deficient.
Many additional tests were conducted over the following 9 months which showed Max’s igG (immunoglobulin g) was dramatically dropping. He was immediately placed on immunoglobulin replacement therapy. This treatment was initially administered intravenously in hospital, but Brenden and Kym now manage the weekly treatment at home. The doctors expect this life-saving treatment to have to continue for the rest of Max’s life. Max is also on prophylaxis antibiotics which helps prevent him from illness.

2 ½ years have passed and there still isn’t a diagnosis. Max’s treating doctors have acknowledged that his condition is very rare and that all tests available have been exhausted. Max has been offered a genetics’ test which will cost Brenden and Kym $3,000 – of which they have to fund the whole amount as none of it is covered by Medicare. This test will give Brenden and Kym a 50% chance of providing them with a diagnosis for Max. In addition, with the information from the genetics’ test, the doctors will hopefully be able to establish treatment plans for Max should he become ill again rather than waiting for him to get sick and provide reactive treatment.

In a bid to assist Brenden and Kym in affording the expensive test, The Elephant – British Pub has decided to donate the proceeds from a Keg of James Squires Golden Ale. The donations will be in the form of a Karma Keg. A Karma Keg allows the Customer to decide how much they will pay for a glass of beer. As we are donating all of the proceeds from the Karma Keg, we hope the Patrons of The Elephant will be generous whilst considering young Max.
In the interests of providing Responsible Service of Alcohol, The Elephant will charge a minimum $3 per 425ml SA Pint. To keep the reconciliation of the Karma Keg simple, people wishing to participate will only be able to purchase the 425ml SA Pint.

The Management Team at The Elephant thank you for your time in reading about young Max and hope that you embrace the idea of the Karma Keg. Please feel free to donate money even if you don’t wish to purchase a James Squire Golden Ale.
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By: The Elephant British Pub