Games People Play: (Dinner Show)

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Games People Play: (Dinner Show)
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Games People Play: (Dinner Show) says
"What can James Bond’s casino strategies teach us about maths & psychology? What matters more, skill or strategy? Who would win in a fight between Muhammad Ali & ROCKY? A mathematical multimedia lecture cracking the human Game Theory codes behind the best sporting moments of our species & cinema's greatest games."

Ahoy, sports fans! This year I'm doing my new Fringe show across four nights at two different venues. My opening weekend:
Fri 24th Feb
Sat 25th Feb
8pm show
CROWN & SCEPTRE HOTEL (King William Street)

They do great pub grub there & they have a new menu I'm keen to bite into:
(I'm also doing Sat/Sun shows a week later @ THE PRODUCERS -& there's another event page for that- but methinks most of my friends should come to this one to guarantee they don't miss out. My room @ Producers is tiny & will fill up with random punters (bless them!) who say "Ooh, I like this venue & here's a free thing to check out". Come to The Sceptre, come early to get a table & have a pub meal with me while you're at it.
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