Stanislava Pinchuk's 'Fall Out' + Nana Ohnesorge's 'Respect'

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Stanislava Pinchuk's 'Fall Out' + Nana Ohnesorge's 'Respect'
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Stanislava Pinchuk's 'Fall Out' + Nana Ohnesorge's 'Respect' says
You are invited to the opening of Stanislava Pinchuk's ‘Fall Out' and Nana Ohnesorge's ‘Respect’!

Hugo Michell Gallery is pleased to be presenting the third solo exhibition by Ukrainian-born artist Stanislava Pinchuk [Miso]. Reflecting on her time spent in Fukushima, this new body of work offers large-scale works in Pinchuk's signature style; a sensitive approach in revealing the devastating nuclear fallout. The consideration and care demonstrated in the paper works illustrates a sincerity in the artist's approach, and in contrast, her photographs act as a raw representation of physical loss and memorial.

"I keep thinking about when we first got out of the car in Fukushima, and right at my feet were those fish nets drying on the ground, tracing the topography of the dead earth. That’s exactly what the whole nuclear evacuation zone felt like.
This huge operation, putting an entire landscape into bags, like you can contain something like that. But it was just fallout, falling out through the holes."

In this recent body of work, Nana Ohnesorge wishes to express her respect for Australia’s First People, offering an attempt to redress the imbalance imposed by a Eurocentric reading of Australia’s colonial history. Ohnesorge has re-examined the achievements of iconic historical figures Ludwig Leichhardt, Robert Burke and William Wills from a postcoloinal position. These works revisit the accomplishments of these men, with a view to considering and acknowledging the importance of Aboriginal guides and trackers in the success of their expeditions. The history of the treatment and acknowledgement of trackers, though varied, is plagued with injustice, discrimination and violence.

Together these works re-imagine this range of historical figures in the context of Aboriginal history both prior to and following European colonisation. Cognisant of her status as a European migrant to Australia, Ohnesorge consults regularly with members of the Aboriginal community in researching and making her work.

Please join us in celebrating these two fantastic artists on the 16th of June!
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By: Hugo Michell Gallery

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