Can't Stop The Bleeding Presents Complete, Uniform (Ny), Mac Mccaughan, Manateees, Xetas, Yes I'm Leaving, Injuries

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Can't Stop The Bleeding Presents Complete, Uniform (Ny), Mac Mccaughan, Manateees, Xetas, Yes I'm Leaving, Injuries

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At one time one of the nation’s 40 or so most popular sports blogs, Can’t Stop The Bleeding celebrates 12 years of cutting, pasting and quoting out context (along with dramatic downturns in traffic & advertising revenues), with a 7th annual (!), not-at-all-affiilated with SXSW free event. Past participants have included such superstars as the Homosexuals, Protomartyr, the Muffs, TV Ghost, Tyvek, Endless Boogie, Spray Paint, The Gotobeds, Wiccans, Wounded Lion, The Young, Apache Dropout, and many others who used this particular event as a launching pad….to play additional shows no one paid them to play. What can I tell you, times are tough. Complete (Fort Worth, TX) : Often called "the only band that matters", or simply "the greatest of all time", this legendary ensemble --- widely considered responsible for the popularity of YouTube --- will be traveling with their long awaited new album, 'Beginning Of A New Era' in tow. Uniform (NYC) An equal parts punishing/thrilling new duo featuring Ben Greenberg (Hubble, Pygmy Shrews, The Men) and Michael Berdan (York Factory Complaint, Drunkdriver, Believer/Law). Following a debut 12" last autumn on Beggars Tomb, Uniform's first album, 'Perfect World' is coming via 12XU later this year. MAC MCCAUGHAN (Chapel Hill, NC) Sadly, USA/Mexico will not be appearing in the wake of King Coffey's recent mishap (get well soon, King!) and we realized this show was no longer fulfilling the quota of prominent musicians from the 1990's who also own record labels. Luckily for us, Mr. McCaughan has volunteered his services and while we're not familiar with his work, it's important to keep an open mind about this kind of thing. MANATEEES (Memphis, TN) Andrew Earles recently dubbed Abe White's wrecking crew, "depravo-core creators" and I'd call that sticker copy (if i was in the business of copying stickers). 'Sit n Spin' (Pelican Pow Wow Records) followed a serious winning streak of 7"'s, but if you've not seen this band before, get some (extra) padding for the back of your head. XETAS (Austin, TX) This hotly tipped Austin trio have obliterated room after room in their short existence, with their sole 7" to date receiving high praise from sources as disparate as MRR and The Wire. Their Ian Rundell-recorded LP debut, 'The Redeemer', emerges on 12XU just a few weeks before this show. Yes I'm Leaving (Sydney, Australia) Pushed in our cowering faces by the same awesome label responsible for Cuntz, Bits Of Shit and Deaf Wish's earliest stuff, Yes I'm Leaving compensate for an unwieldy name by recalling some of the more sterling moments in the Scratch Acid, Big Black and Lubricated Goat catalogs. If some or all of the above aren't in your wheelhouse, there's probably something else you'll enjoy elsewhere in the neighborhood. Injuries (Austin TX) A rather guttural, determined guitar/drums duo who've recently been taken under the recording wing of Dikes/Spray Paint fixture Chris Stephenson. Their resulting 5 song demo (Drug Front) is the kinda thing most scene vets are unlikely to match (or they already would've done so)
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