Darling Nikki's Dirty Dozen Player's Ball

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Darling Nikki's Dirty Dozen Player's Ball
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Darling Nikki's Dirty Dozen Player's Ball says
Calling all pimps, player, hoes, bottom bitches and scallywags, it’s that time again. You and your bitch are invited to the coldest event of the spring: Darling Nikki’s Dirty Dozen Players Ball! It’s a Pimps n Hoes Birthday Spectacular!

It’s my birthday and I wanna see what y’all got.
We’ll provide the jams, the dance floor, the stage and the pimpest atmostphere since Goldie’s Throwdown of ’76!

What you need to know:
Saturday, March 5th 9:08pm.
Dozen Street Bar
Attire: only the flyest need apply. Come in your BEST. Study long and study wrong. Don’t get left behind, get in the right frame of mind. Gators, fur, bling, silk, polyester, and ruffles are encouraged, but do you, baby.

There will, of course, be contests ‘cause you can’t have haters without a little competition. Feast your eyes on our categories and pick which one you wanna claim. Winners WILL get prizes.

Pimp of the Year
Pimpstress of the Year
Darling Nikki Award (For the baddest ho in the bldg.)
Best Dressed
Best Threat (to keep your bitches in line)**Delivery of threat is judged**
Best Stroll
Don’t miss your time to shine!

***Side note: Dressing up is NOT required. Come regardless. Also, have fun, but be respectful!***

I can’t wait to see you glorious muthafuckers!
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