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Gardenalia says
“She refused to be bored chiefly because she wasn't boring.” – Zelda Fitzgerald

What if you took flapper culture, an ancient Dionysian Ritual, and tenets of The Feminine Mystique and mashed them up into a 1920’s garden party? Gardenalia is a Bacchanalian gathering clandestinely celebrated by women for 3000 years, wherein secrets are revealed and powers unleashed. This improvised comedy takes place in the 1920’s at a covert celebration of this secret society. Women from all walks of life come together to ruminate over their existence and unleash hidden powers, all while eating tiny, artisanal sandwiches.

"Gardenalia explores the intersection between the person we present to the world and our secret selves." says director and Kristin Henn. “Our characters bring unique perspectives and life experiences to the show, with an eye to capturing both the oppression and release contained in human existence.”

Gardenalia features Molly Moore, Lilli Lopez, Kristen Samuelsen, Emma Holder, Kim Lowery, Arian Brumby, Aly Dixon, Naomi Perryman and Lindsey Moringy. Introducing Kathryn Dooley as The Singer. Gardenalia is directed by Kristin Henn with assistant direction from Emma Holder. Produced by Kristin Henn, Emma Holder and Erika May McNichol.

Gardenalia runs Saturdays at 8:30pm April 2nd through May 7th at ColdTowne Theater and is recommended for mature audiences.

ColdTowne Theater is located at 4803-B Airport Boulevard, Austin, TX 78751.
Tickets are $10 online and can be purchased at or $12 at the door.
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