Golden New Year Sound Healing And Meditation

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Golden New Year Sound Healing And Meditation
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The event creator says
Dear Ones,

Happy New Year!
And what a blessed new year it is! So much shifting and new energy abound as we move onward on our soul's path and purpose.
There's much to do, many dreams we wish to see to fruition. 2015 was definitely a year of review--taking inventory of what is and what is not working in our lives so that we can live more authentically and be moving from our hearts. 2016 is leaving little room for anything else!

What I have been experiencing personally is the profound ability to manifest what I want in my life. "All that you are, all you touch turns to gold." And not necessarily in a monetary sense but in the vibration of what it is that I am doing, how I am carrying myself, the light I choose to bring into my life and those around me, and carrying onward into my worldly work. Continuing to filter out what isn't working and transmuting it into energy that is useful.

Gold in alchemy is seen to be the perfection of all matter on any level, including that of the mind, spirit, and soul. What better way to truly boost this new year with this powerful vibration! A Christed ascended ray to clear and transmute what is not serving to manifest what is in your highest good in heart's intentions!
Bringing in other colored cosmic rays to assist in maintaining this frequency so that you can infuse all that you are and all that you do with this light!

What exciting times we are living in! Truly, more than ever before, am I feeling the potentiality of ascension, of mastery, of assistance from our angelic, earth and star brethren, so that we can carry out our mission on this planet.

I'm excited, and so blessed and humbled to hold this space for you.
I hope to see you Sunday!

Love and light,

*bring a pillow, mat, blanket to sit or lay comfortably
*wear comfortable clothing
*bring an intention of something you wish to release in this new year, and something you wish to manifest. Be specific! Your prayers are being answered in specificity <3
*Suggested donation of $10-20
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