Wounds To Wisdom Workshop: A Woman's Workshop For Healing And Empowerment

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Wounds To Wisdom Workshop: A Woman's Workshop For Healing And Empowerment
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Wounds To Wisdom Workshop: A Woman's Workshop For Healing And Empowerment says
Lauren Elizabeth Walsh is the creator of “Wounds to Wisdom”, a comprehensive process that guides women into the source of insecurity, doubt, and fear to transform their “wounds” into a source of self worth, happiness, self compassion, and wisdom.

Lauren works with women who are soul seekers, women who may be a little – or a lot – stuck. But no matter their individual block, these women are willing to dive deep, and heal the patterns holding them back

Through a foundation of integrative tools and techniques, Lauren guides her clients through personal growth and spiritual expansion. Her classes and workshops create safe sisterhoods founded on appreciation and equality and heal the old paradigm of competition and insecurity between women.


Some women do not identify with the term “wounded”. However, if that same woman can look in the mirror and criticize the way she looks, it is obvious that somewhere inside herself lives an insecurity. What caused this insecurity? Let's say a woman feels she has valuable ideas, but when she speaks her voice comes out with a lack of clarity and confidence. Her ideas are missed and over looked. How will she advance and share her great ideas if she doesn’t look inside herself to heal that scared part holding her back?

These parts of us are symptoms of the core wound “I am not enough”. We were not born this way, but during our lives we have been conditioned through our experiences, whether traumatic or subtle, and trained through unhealthy patterns in society to believe this fallacy. In the Wounds to Wisdom workshop you will be guided into the intricacies of your inner world to heal and “re-pattern” yourself. You will be taught tools to understand and fully embody your true worth, so that you can feel beautiful, have an awesome relationship, feel appreciated and seen, and have an awesome and successful career.

The cost of this workshop is $25.
Members of Black Swan Yoga will recieve $10 off of their ticket.
You can reserve your spot on our eventbrite:
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