Brunch -In the Park: Tuskegee + Bas Ibellini + Maher Daniel + Jade

Brunch -In the Park
© Astrid BoschBrunch -In the Park

In August Brunch -In the Park has reigned over the Joan Brossa gardens every Sunday, and they close out the month in a big way on the 28th. The very special line-up is headlined by Tuskegee, an experiment that came out of the union of two heavyweights in the world of electronica and the name of the label that they share: we're talking about The Martínez Brothers and Seth Troxler. They'll give you a dose of Detroit house, with a cosmic taste that's just enough to send you into orbit.

Up beforehand is Bas Ibellini, one of the biggest DJs on the London scene since the tender age of 14, when he started mixing hip hop with funk, rock, disco and anything he could put between himself and the turntables. And opening the day is Maher Daniel, San Francisco producer and DJ with a marked house and techno style, as well as Jade, with her deep, dark melodies and powerful basslines.


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