FlexN Manchester

Dance, Hip hop
Antony Crook

Brooklyn dance pioneers and local dancers join for an MIF Creative powerhouse event.

These days with dance you think you've seen it all, especially with what is sometimes referred to as 'street dance'. 

At the launch of MIF15 earlier this year, Flex dance pioneer Reggie 'Roc' Gray took to the stage to talk about this exciting project. He's a big man, not exactly ballet material. As he spoke, people arounfd the huge room started to stand and make thier way to the stage and suddenly, the music started and so did the dancing.

Jaws were dropped. It was extraordinary. You think you've seen it all? You're wrong.

The MIF Creative arm of the Festival have been working with the Flex team and Manchester dancers never before given the chance to perform in such a capacity.

It's an amazing opportunity for them, for the Flex team and for us.


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