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How to enjoy the outdoors this hayfever season

From pollen to exercise – here are the outside allergy triggers to prepare for and how to relieve them fast

By Time Out in association with Zyrtec and Allergy Management

That slink over from winter to spring is a jubilant time – the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and we're all fanging for a much-needed dose of outdoor activity. If you're prone to hayfever, though, the great outdoors can become a fraught obstacle course of triggers, with pollen on the wind and trees dropping their allergens all over the place. Take a cue from the motto of those great outdoors folk of yore, the Scouts, and "be prepared" this spring with a little help from Zyrtec, no hayfever tablet works faster*.

Please remember, when you're out enjoying the spring weather, to observe social distancing and good hygiene habits. Always check your state's health and safety guidelines; WA's can be found here. Some listed venues/experiences may be closed – be sure to check ahead.

How to prepare yourself for hayfever season outdoors

What to look out for

Hayfever is caused by grass, tree and weed pollen unfurling into the air during the change of the seasons. Pollen's peak time to shine is during summer and spring when it starts getting carried and dropped all over the place by wind, insects and birds. Dropped right into your poor reactive body unfortunately, which reacts with irritating symptoms like watering eyes, sneezing and itchiness. If you want to enjoy the outdoors untethered and fancy free Zyrtec can help you feel confident to do so with its powerful, fast-acting relief from hayfever symptoms.

Tips and Tricks: If you're prone to hayfever it's recommended you stay indoors between 10am and 4pm to avoid the most potent pollen time. A face mask and well-covering clothing can help, as can showering to remove pollen particles from your hair and skin. You could also try investigating the particular trees and plants that agitate your hayfever and avoid them.

Fitness and activity

Zyrtec works fast to relieve you of those pesky outdoor hayfever symptoms. If you find yourself gallivanting around on a bushwallk, picnicking with mates or lapping up the sun while jogging laps, be sure to add Zyrtec to your backpack before heading out. Having an active time outside in spring – whether that be exercising or playing some backyard cricket – can be hindered by hayfever. You can take Zyrtec while out and about and be confident it is going to provide relief faster than you can find somewhere to buy tissues as no hayfever tablet works faster*.

Tips and tricks: Did you know the internet has a pollen-level counter? It's pretty nifty and works like a regular weather forecast meaning you can use it to gauge how bad the pollen may be and plan your outdoor hang, hike or jog around it. Early in the day and morning are usually great times to aim for to ensure uninterrupted outdoor time.


Spring socialising and events

Spring also marks the begining of the outdoor social season with racing, alfresco concerts and dining outside bursting all over the city. If you have an event-packed weekend of spring activities with friends, Zyrtec will be your best friend, as the hayfever tablets last for 24 hours and will provide relief from the outdoor triggers activated by dry days and seasonal plant changes. Been invited to an outdoor movie with friends replete with a big sprawling picnic rug on the grass? That handy pack of Zyrtec will also make sure your outdoor social life isn't ruined by hayfever. 

Tips and tricks: It's a good idea to avoid outdoor events if it's a particularly windy day or the pollen count is through the roof. But if you can't resist (and why should you, that's what Zyrtec is for) make sure your muddy boots, festival outfit or potentialy-littered-with-pollen sun dress is taken off and washed as soon as you get home to minimise exposure to allergy-causing substances. If you have a young person in your life and you're in the thick of kid's birthday party season, theres some hand hints for children with hayfever here.


Road trips and holidays

If you're planning a fun and sunny road trip your car's air con can be a sneaky trigger for hayfever symptoms. Likewise that long-planned camping or glamping trip in the bush with your friends and family could be just the ticket for a fun-ruining flare-up of your hayfever. So be sure you have a pack of Zyrtec in the glovebox or your luggage so you don't have to worry about any interruptions to your spring trip.

Tips and tricks: It might be time to clean out your car's aircon filter! All that absorbing of air and detritus from the outside world has unfortunately made an ideal environment for mould to grow and flourish. And mould spores are one of hayfevers main perpetrators. Another unsuspecting place for mould spores is in firewood when you're camping. Make sure you throughly clean and adequately store both of those and read-up on how else you can prepare for outdoorsy adventures here.


So head out, and be free, friends! Your next barbecue or park hang won't be ruined by hayfever with some pre-prepared, Zyrtec and a little bit of outside insight.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist talk to your health professional.

*Research conducted by JJP. The Onset of Action of Cetirizine Compared to Antihistamines in Allergic Rhinitis. April 2019. Available at


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